July 10, 2011

Six weeks have passed..

It's kind of regretful that I missed out the last chance to travel around Europe my mates during Easter. To me, spending that two weeks in Malaysia way much more worthy than any other trips. Seeing you almost everyday, bought breakfast for you and talked to you. Simple routine everyday but it worths more than everything..

You brought me to the morning market.. Bought me my favourite pancake..
You bought me Digimon even parents said no..
You brought me with you touring Penang, KL, Melacca and Terangganu.. We went kek-lok-si.. We fed tortoises.. We went up KL Tower..
You picked me up from tuition classes.. Bought me Ramlee Burger..
You put me to sleep with ahkong on the bed while you slept on the floor when I went to stay with you and during school holidays..
You gave me extra pocket money..
You taught me how to behave in boarding school..
You cooked my favourite food when I visited you..
You asked me to come back for CNY again next year..
You handed me the first angpow last CNY and it's the last one already..

I saw you 2 weeks ago, you were doing your all time favourite work, cooking.. You run a restaurant offering all your masterpiece dishes.. You're serving every single customers.. You're doing all these because you enjoy cooking, you take care of everyone; just like what you did to all of us since young..

Ah Mah, I just want to tell you that I'm here doing well and don't worry about me.. I'll take care of myself..

May 02, 2011

David Guetta Birmingham 1st May 2011


Me and NatSaw!!!!

'Brits' means those living in the UK :)

ARRRGGGGGHHHHH..... Faster play 'Who's That Chick'!!!!

'Baby, I just wanna danceeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I don't really careeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'

March 16, 2011

Today Last Year (10th Mar 2010)

It's been a exactly a year..
Time to really let go..

February 24, 2011

Hardcore weekend

starts tomorrow..

Nottingham -> Birmingham

Birmingham -> London

London -> Birmingham

Birmingham -> Nottingham

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February 17, 2011


Anggongpopi.. She's getting better now..

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February 01, 2011


She fed you when you were little but now she needs to be fed..

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