May 28, 2009


I lost my laptop..
Some sohai broke in to my house..
Took ONLY laptops of mine and Lai's..

That sohai didn't take my bluetooth headset..
That sohai didn't tahe my O2 XDA Ignito..
That sohai didn't take Lai's Ipod..
That sohai didn't take Lai's watch..

Don't ask why and how that sohai came in..
Because we left the window and room door unlocked..
Closed but unlocked..


May 22, 2009


Been disappearing for quite sometime already. Even my last post also just a re-upload of a video that i used to upload a month ago.

For the past two months, I can say that I am working non-stop on my projects, reports and also preparing for exams. Things going from bad to worse when exam was just like two weeks away.

It was 8.20pm when I was walking back from the university library. I was there since noon and this is the first time I study for such long time at since SPM. I haven't been this hardworking before. I have no idea why??? Maybe I want to do Masters in my degree instead of just Bachelor degree (need 60% average and above in 2nd year to do Masters) ??? I don't know.

It's not far actually to walk back from the library back to my house. It's less than 20 minutes walk (LOL.. At least in the UK it's not far..). I wished I would have more time to prepare for exams, not just two weeks. That's just too short..

Finally, it's come. This picture I took after my second paper. I had one paper in the morning and another one in the afternoon. I was really exhausted. I was writing non-stop during the 3-hour exam. I have another paper on the next day. It was three papers in a row. Walao eh... I tell you ar.. That time I really want to die liao.. You see my face like damn beh song d..

Three papers kao tim. Now I can have a slight break because the next paper is on the next week..

Day before the fourth paper, I was supposed to study my engineering subject but what was I looking at? 'Language, the poet and the world' What is this? What was I doing?


May 17, 2009

An update which is from me this time..

Posted this video last time..
But due to some copyright issue it's been removed by facebook.. doink..

I have made some minor changes to this video..
Hope that it can LAST..

'Some say, she's the Miss Universe 2020;
 Some say, she's actually a man transformed into a women;
 All we know, she's The Stig's cousin staying in Birmingham, The Beast..'


May 15, 2009

An update from me which is not from me..

Click An Update From Me.. !!!!

Sorry la.. No mood to update.. Not like this friend so rajin blogging..

Thx Tzyy... LOL...

May 01, 2009

She's the one..

Start from scratch..

Try to put on the temporary circuit on the robot..

Soldering the whole circuit to veroboard..

Putting soldered circuit on the chasis..

The naked Beast..

Custom made 'costume' for the robot..

'Lenglui, look over here..'

'Hi, my name is Beast'

'I am very obedient. I follow all the rules and don't get away from the way'

'But after today, I am going back to scratch..
To be assembled again by
year 2 students
next year'