January 27, 2009

First time paying full concerntration in class..

I had Electrical Power and Renewable Energy lecture this morning. My lecturer was talking about power supplying for trains, metros and underground tube..

Fuhh.. Usually I couldn't pay full attention in the class and might fell asleep, sometimes. But this morning, I was paying full attention on my lecture for 1 hour.. I did not even talk to M.. but this noob said I was 'picking' the lecturer's balls.. wtf.. arghh.. who cares about this noob..

This is my first time to have top students behaviour even though i am not one of them..

I am impressed of myself.. LOL..

January 25, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai

To all bloggers that earn a living from blogging,

It's a bad year last year due to economic downturn. A lot people lost their jobs and lost their income as well.

For bloggers, number of readers are not decreasing due to economic downturn but might increased coz more and more people that lost their job are spending most of their time to surf the internet for vacancies and eventually ending with reading blogs.

So bloggers, GONG XI FA CAI (*If you place ads at your site)


January 21, 2009

lai la..

Come la.. I am not afraid of you.

I have been dealing with you since 10 or more years ago. There are times you failed me really, really bad. You put me into trouble and many people look down on me then. 

But this time, you won't be able to fail me anymore. I overcame you the last few times. So, no matter what you come out with, I will still able to fight you.

Lai la, PRESSURE.. I am not afraid of you.

Happy Chinese New Year readers..

January 20, 2009

Short Post

I am now in the university computer lab. Supposed to to prepare for line following robot project meeting this afternoon. Mana tahu curi tulang here.. LOL..

Argh... Lazy to prepare for it lah..

January 13, 2009

Under pressure

Were busy doing assignment for the past few days. All last minute work. Kinda regret for not doing it earlier.

Handed in 3 assignments today. All done by today. This is what I get for working under pressure..

A white hair..

* usually people don't use 'A' for hair as hair is uncountable but mine is really just one white hair.. haha..

January 08, 2009

Pro means pro

Can you see the dragon is resting on the surface of the water??


Reading this proverb and understanding it directly shows what is in the picture..

But what actually this proverb means??

'Pro means pro'

January 04, 2009

Writing to friends

Was 'baking cake ' when this came across my mind.

People last time writes to their best friends, pen pals. They care about their friends. They want to know how are their friends doing. But, now, we don't write to our friends, either receiving letters from friends. We only receive letter from companies, bills and advertorials.

I realise people has a new way to write to their friends, which writes to all their friends in one go. Tell all friends what are they doing recently, what have they came across recently. It's BLOG.

Leinux Says blogging is writing to all friends at a time, which save paper, stamp and the world. Coz letters need to be delivered by vans, lorries, trains, ships and planes. All these contribute to emission of CO2 and bla bla bla...... *start talking bullshit*

January 02, 2009

First day in London over Christmas 23.12.2008

Hmm.. This is my second time to London. I went there to spend my christmas with a relative of mine. It's Tuesday when I arrived in London and she's working on that day. I went to her workplace and had lunch with her at a Korean restaurant. After that, I went to visit British Museum which is near to her workplace in Holborn.

Outside British Museum.

Actually there's nothing much that attracted my attention in the museum. In fact, I was thinking of looking for small funny things or what to blog when I am back to Birmingham.

Necklace. I don't think any girl would like this if  her bf gives her this.

These are necklaces as well.

I can't remember these necklace are from which dinasty or kingdom. Anyway, which princess would like to wear this kind of golden necklace. Siao ar. Imagine a princess need to wear one of these for 3 hours during a dinner or ceremony.

Spoons but they look like...er...

'Porn ' in few thousand years ago.

This serving dish looks like those used by special agent to deliver messages via waitress.

Original design of a clock.

Guitar.. Isn't it violin??

I came to this showroom displaying the money system used by the world last time. 

Cash machine.

HSBC note. HSBC last time was so 'keng'.. Have their own money..

That's why some parts of the coins I use have weird designs.

The last thing that caught my attention is this. Can't remember what's the name of this piece of art. It's made in 2008. Not old thing. Still young. Haha..