April 20, 2010

I Wonder

Lots of friends made in primary and secondary school and in college. They come and go. Not many that still contacting each for gathering and stuffs. Some left schools early helping family business, some work independently and making money, most still studying but graduating soon, some still studying but trying to be financial independent by working part time like myself but spend even more compare to others.

Sometimes I wonder, will my university mates now still as close as it is now when all of us start working in few years time. We now studying at the university over night, work part time, DRINK, lunch, dinner, gym, badminton, basketball and so much more. All these are done together.

It was a random chill-drinking session when I first thought about this. All of us graduating soon, in this coming summer or the next one. Sooner or later all will be parting and having own career path.

Will all of us still having chill-drinking session. Chit-chatting about work and businesses?

Will all of us still playing sports together? Golf perhaps?

Will all of us still having meals together? Bak Kut Teh for breakfast? Dinner at Michelin rated French restaurants? Late night supper at Mamak at SS15?


-Don't fcuking care now, just got back from uni for late night revision, going to sleep.. Meeting Jo for lunch tomorrow at Malaysian Delight.-

April 06, 2010


Went to one of the seniors' house in the city for some drinking games few days ago.

Two rooms and two bathroom apartment.. Spacious living room and well equiped kitchen..

I am adding it to my wishlist..

Will add it to the basket and checkout in 5-10 years after I start working..

Look at the living room.. spacious sia..

*Wondering will my first job be a well paid one? Hmmm..*

April 04, 2010

Do you love me?

A random angmoh lady raise her hand and called me over..

Me: Hi, how can I help you?

Angmoh lady: Do you love me?
Me: *Stunt* Sorry, come again..

Angmoh lady: Do you love me?
Me: Err.. Yeah...

Angmoh lady: Can you buy me a rose?
Me: Sorry, I am on duty now.. I can't do that..

Angmoh lady: Pleasseeee.. Can you buy me a rose?
Me: I really sorry about that.. My boss is watching me.. Sorry...

That's the short conversation between the angmoh lady and me in Pad Thai last night.. Made me syioksss for a while... LOL..

-Going to bed now.. 6.41am..-