October 13, 2010

In party mood, still..

Been back in UK for almost a month..

Feels good to travel on big aircraft, eg A380..
Feels no good after it lands, especially at UK border..
At LHR when you have A380 and B777 landing at the same time..

Stayed in Birmingham aka hometown for few days before heading to Nottingham..
The stay, of course, inclusive of some drinking sessions..
Woken up by friends finished working from Pad Thai at 6.30am..
To have breakfast of Tequila, Bailey's, Jagermeister, Chivas, Black Label..
Wrapped up the event with puke in the kitchen basin at 9am..
-No pictures of the event taken-

Arrived in Nottingham..
Nice weather.. Chilled wind..

Settled down in this a-bit-old room..
One thing good is it's twice as big as my previous room in Birmingham..

Got my study table set..
Ready for my MSc course..

New student I.D.

Bought some back to school gears..
Beg sekolah..

Kasut sekolah..

Left most of my stuff in Birmingham..
Rented a car back to hometown to bring all my rubbish to Nottingham..
Nice view leh..
Never get this kind of view while driving in Msia..

Went to Bicester Village once again..
Got myself a pair of jeans and a t-shirt..
As usual, I always got orders from QH..
QH's beg sekolah..

A friend called saying there was an oriental party in Birmingham..
And, I am already back in hometown within the next 24hrs..
Back to school themed party..

New GF..

-Listening to Secret-One Republic-