December 31, 2009


Another year has passed, what have I done or achieved for the past 365 days?

1. ........
2. ........
3. ........

After 15 minutes...

Another year has passed, what have I done or achieved for the past 365 days?

1. ........
2. ........
3. ........

After 30 minutes...

Another year has passed, what have I done or achieved for the past 365 days?

1. ........
2. ........
3. ........

I have not done much throughout the year. Can anyone please tell me what I been doing for the whole year. I don't mind turning on my comment box and chat box for spam. JUST TELL ME WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!


December 25, 2009

Shopping list

It's shopping day again tomorrow, Boxing Day..

And my shopping list,
1. .....
2. .....
3. .....

I've nothing to buy or should say I am not able to do that this year.. Poket koyak after come back from Switzerland and Monaco..

December 21, 2009

Switzerland + Monaco = Swissnaco

I'm in Monaco now, most probably will be the last night for my 8 days winter holiday trip if my flight back to London Stansted from Nice tomorrow is not cancelled due to bad weather.

It's been 5 days and 4 nights in Switzerland. Tiring trip following the tour but enjoyed with papa(Yoyo), son(zeneng), duck-very-dog(Heng Goh), Mr. Xuxu(Ah Chan) and boss(Boon Tat). Everyone was alcoholised all 4 nights in Switzerland.

Travelling to Monaco from Switzerland was a chi-kik experience when QH commented on facebook saying we need visa to the country hours before boarding the aircraft. I missed the booth to submit tax refund form for shopping in Switzerland, flight delayed for 1.5 hours due to bad weather, aircraft went into air turbulance, took bus from Nice Airport to Monaco, arrived in the apartment in Monaco at 1am.

Second day in Monaco was perfect. It's sunny and lovely to walk along the breezy coast of Monte Carlo. Took lots of photos, will upload some here and mostly on facebook.

Visited Monte Carlo casino in Topman pink shirt, GAP wool sweater, Topman jeans, Primark blazer and Adidas sneakers. Paid €10 for entrance and spent 20 minutes walking around the not-crowded tables and totally empty slot machines.

Had great dinner later treated by boss as the slot machines in other casino awarded him €500 jackpot.

It's 10pm now. Bored. Not going out again to jom as it's raining cats and dogs. Gonna sleep early tonight.

New word learned: merci


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December 14, 2009


After 2 tablets of paracetamol, 3 char siew bun and 19 hrs of rest and sleep..

I am fully recovered, I guess...

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December 13, 2009


Equation 1:
Calsberg Export + Heineken + Chivas
= Puke on someone's else carpeted room + kitchen floor + kitchen sink + pee in friend's back yard

Equation 2:
Work excessively + lack of rest from Equation 1
= Sick

Solving equation 1 and 2:
= Knocked Out

Off to sleep, 1648 hr Sunday 13/12/2009

*Countdown to trip to Switzerland and Monaco, 2 days*

December 06, 2009

Almost two years..

It started when I was still doing yr one in Taylor's..
I came back from college..
You were online..
Bored with temporary job..
We chatted for few hours everytime..
It's when I got to know you more..

Yah, that's when everything started..
You asked me that..
I wasn't sure when it was..
Now, I am sure..
It's at the beginning of 2008..

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November 30, 2009


I am currently not paying attention in class..

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November 28, 2009

My long lost 'bro'

It's been at least 5 years I haven't see Khoon Meng since he graduated from SMK Jitra. I was in Form 3 at that time. I knew that he went to Taylor's for A-level and University of Nottingham and now working as a mechanical engineer in Coventry.

I thought we could only see each other when both of us back to our home town during Chinese New Year but I met him unexpectely in University of Nottingham Malaysian Games last month. I participated in the tennis competition and he's just helping his friends around. We had just some simple chat as it was quite late at that time and I need to rush to the bus to come back to Birmingham.

You know when you meet someone from your home town, used to hang around together and lost contact for so many years, in a foreign country, that kind of feeling is ............. (bad vocab.. dunno what word to describe..)

Last night, when I was waiting for this bunch of unpunctual EE course mates for dinner at Malaysian Delight. I saw a familiar face standing outside. It was Khoon Meng. I was like how could it be so ngam. When we don't meet, we don't see each other for 5-6 years. Now, after one month, I got to see him again. He was actually meeting a few friends for dinner as well last night.

We used to play badminton together, trained kao kao in the school team, had roti canai together after the training session. And, his classmates used to say that I look like his younger brother but I don't really think so. hehe..

Ada sama?

November 27, 2009

November 25, 2009

Trip to Switzerland confirmed..

-Back to work-

November 23, 2009

Next destination..

Zen ar.. Faster make decision la.. Want to go or not..
I don't want to stay with stranger for 4 nights leh..
If not I have to ask Tzyy go leh..
But I don't want to go with him..
He'll sleep in the 4-stars hotel all day long..

Btw Tzyy, we are going to Monte Carlo after visiting Roger Federer..


November 22, 2009




November 19, 2009

Totally lost..

Lost my appetite..
Couldn't finish a set meal of McD breakfast..
Had hi-tea but didn't finish a mug of hot choc..
Had 25% lesser amount of food that I usually have for dinner..
Had few spoons of special fried rice from Msian Delight then threw the rest away..

Lost interest in school work..
Fall asleep in class..
Play with iPhone in lectures..
Lazy to do assignment..

What am I supposed to do now???
Have a good rest then continue work?
Have a good rest then makan kao kao then continue school work?


Do my laundry as I will be going to Uni naked tomorrow if I don't..

November 17, 2009

Back from MIA

MIA from Uni, lectures and Birmingham for more than one week..

back to work..

Piles of work waiting to be done..

-Paloma's Crown of Hearts Pendant-

November 09, 2009


Came back from work last night..
Tired and had sore throat..
Went to neighbour's simple birthday party celebration..
Had steamboat..
Made birthday boy drank almost half a bottle of Black Label..
Was high seeing birthday boy hugging a girl when he chose 'dare' while playing 'truth or dare'..

Came back home..
Ate a muffin bought/made (not sure) by classmate..
Started to realise I am getting sick..
Changed and went to bed..

Woke up this morning..
Sore throat..
Running nose..
Whole body aching..
Felt cold..

Walked to Uni..
Wrapped by Next scarf..
Moving in the 6 degree Celsius breeze..
Felt like fainting half way through to lecture..

Got some warm in the lecture theatre..
Paid full attention at the first 30 minutes..
Started to dream after that..
Checking facebook on iPhone..
Thinking any nice places to go in London..

Lecture ended one hour early..
Walked back home..
Will be skipping all today lectures..

Totally knocked out..

October 30, 2009

I am bad

I feel bad..

For telling my friend that I have emergency things to do and I can't attend the meeting..

Instead, I watch 'Born Rich' from TVB at home..

October 26, 2009

Finally after one year of considering and waiting..

iPhone 3G S

Tzyy, see that??
Does yours has video recording and compass??
No, it doesn't..

White backside..

That's the whole purpose..

iPhone 3G S + SONY Bluetooth Headset..

at least for me

p/s: Tzyy, do you know what is perfect pair???

*Will be eating porridge and bread for the next 2 months*

October 22, 2009

I miss you..

October 19, 2009

Back to the old one..

Get back to the old watch after failed to get the one that I wanted..

*I know it's a bit dirty..*

October 17, 2009


Went to city today to do some shopping.
After jalan for almost two hours in Bullring, I still have nothing to buy..

'Let's go Primark..'

Went into Primark to look for nice blazer but failed to get any that ngam my taste and also my body shape.. hehe..

I want to get another hand towel for gym..

Jalan-ed to the Primark Home department..

I've got three things from Primark today..
Bedsheet, pillowcases and a hand towel..


Why are they all in purple???
I didn't know that I am interested or like purple until today..


Turned gay???

October 14, 2009

Round Ironman

Wednesday 7/10
1200-1400 -- Tennis

Thursday 8/10

Friday 9/10
1430-1930 -- Tennis, Badminton and Gym

Saturday 10/10

Sunday 11/10
1600-1800 -- Gym
Later on buffet dinner + red wine with Lai and Wing Sheng..

Monday 12/10
Dinner at Nando's..

Tuesday 13/10
1530-1700 -- Gym

Wednesday 14/10
1200-1400 -- Tennis
1800-2000 --Basketball
Dinner Tomyam meehoon + a glass of coke..

I've been working out so much for the past one week.. But I don't think I lose any weight.. Spare tyre still visible.. Siens...

October 08, 2009

3 degree C nia..

ish.. it's just the beginning of October and it's already so cold..
What will it be at the end of the year??? -10, -20, or -40...

October 07, 2009

New item in my wish list

Just got back from a 3hrs tennis session with Kenn Shaun.

See my face tired semacam je..


Organisation and Management module that I am taking this year.

'You'll be divided to a group of five and you have to do SOME research on a company.. A random listed company.. And investigate its organisation and financial structure and prepare a 5 minutes presentation to your colleagues in the next lecture, which is two weeks from now..' The lecturer said..

One week sudah lepas.. Now only I want to start reading some business news on TimesOnline..

Later on diverted to Boeing 747-8 website.. As you can see Times is reporting about airlines.. Not my fault OK..

Wa.. Boeing 747-8 ho liao leh... eh poey jin jia hui..
Wa.. Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner ho liao leh.. pun si eh poey jin jia hui..

Few minutes later..

Ah Kong, can I have a Gulfstream IV?? Datuk Seri Tiong has one leh..
I can bring you go here, there and everywhere.. Nice right??


October 03, 2009

Pesta Kuih Bulan

It's mooncake festival and I was celebrating (erm.. should i say celebrating as it didn't seem like celebrating.. lol..) with Raymond, Gun and Zeneng..

I went over to Raymond's place with 4 cans of Carlberg Export, planning to have some chill moments. I saw Raymond, Zeneng and Gun were taking pictures with the moon when I was approaching their house. Then Raymond was like, 'Hey, here you come.. Come have some tiramisu cake made my Gun..' 'Okok'.. Raymond then straight away fed me with the tiramisu cake (How good if I was fed by my gf IF I have had one..)

We had some chitchat and of course that 4 cans of beer..

Moon from my room..

No mooncake this time.. At least I tried some before coming back to the UK..

September 25, 2009

Canon IXUS 100 IS

First image captured - Emma Watson on my laptop

First image captured in London - Piccadilly Circus

First image captured in Birmingham - my room window..

My new perfume - mission to attract girls starts again..

My room - my things + Tzyy's things..
My room is floor-less..

Search the internet for the details and reviews of the camera.. hehe..

September 23, 2009

3 and a half months

I've been back in Malaysia for more than 3 months. And I am going back to UK tomorrow night at 11.30pm.

I still remember me, Tzyy, EV and Yoyo were talking about Satay Kajang on our flight back from UK..

Yoyo: Fuhyoo.. Satay Kajang... We are coming.. Yooo...

Tzyy: Sedap nyer..

Me: Yaya.. Ev, bring us go eat..

Ev: Can can..

3 months have passed..

I haven't even tried one Satay Kajang..

September 16, 2009


Eight more days to go back to the UK..


I should start packing by now. But there are things that still unpack in my luggage, which I brought back from the UK 3months plus ago.. LOL..

My grandfather said ' Eh, can start packing d.. Can start buying things that you need when you are in the UK..'

'Oh.. OK.. But I don't now what to pack leh.. Everything is available in the UK.. Can get all the lap cheong, kiam hu, tomyam paste in Birmingham punya Chinatown. I still have 2 bak kut teh herbs with me in the UK.. All my friends also bring bak kut teh herbs.. It's still not my turn yet to use my bak kut teh herbs..' I said

What I really NEED are:
1. TAG Heuer Carrera Automatic Chronograph Tachymetre or TAG Heuer Link Automatic Chronograph
2. LV or Prada wallet
3. Nokia N86 or iPhone 3G S
4. Mont Blanc or Versace perfume
5. Canon or Sony digital camera
6. MacBook Pro
7. GF.. Yes, I desperately NEED one.. LOL..

September 11, 2009

I am writing resume..

Was lazing on the bed yesterday morning after being woken up by my ex-housemate.

Then a friend in studying QS in Melbourne started a conversation.

Friend: PS Me: SL

PS: Hey..

SL: Hello..

PS: I confirm going back to Msia next year

SL: Cool.. I listen first..

PS: Don't have to listen first.. it's confirmed..

SL: Why?

PS: I've got my internship in Msia..

SL: Cool.. What company are you working for?

SL: Wa.. It's a very big company leh..

PS: I know..

SL: I have a relative working in DL in London before come back to Msia le.. I went to the office before.. It's so fcking big.. LOL..

PS: I see.. I think you should join ARUP..

SL: Ya.. Was thinking of that also when I was doing 'big business' the other day.. hehe..

PS: Ya..

SL: But how did you apply for DL?

PS: I just simply send them an email together with my resume.. And they just accept me..

SL: Wa.. Cool.. Can you send me your sample resume? I wrote one last time.. And I think it's not in correct format..

PS: Wait..

SL: Okok..

Sending resume.....

SL: Got it.. Thanks.. How long will your internship be?

PS appears to be offline. He/She may not reply your message..

Eh.. Suddenly gone missing.. Nvm.. I've already got what I wanted.. Wakaka..

Ok.. I want to have my own good resume now.. I want to get into good company..

Ok.. Tonight write resume while yumcha at Starbucks after dinner with my ex-housemates..

But I don't have anything to write..


September 05, 2009

Habis lah..

When I start to line up to go in shops like this one, you know what to expect from me next..

Habis lahhhh..

24 hours in Singpore..

First 24 hours in Singapore..

Nothing much done..

Makan at Japanese restaurant with QH and Tzyy..

Went to 5 or 6 shopping malls with QH, Tzyy, Freddy and Zee..

Check out a Salvatore Ferragamo wallet at ION Orchard.. Talked to the sales person, much friendlier than other brands punya salesperson..

Back to Tzyy's house to play poker and watch drama..

1.37pm.. Now waiting for Tzyy to wake up to go shopping..

September 02, 2009

August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, mateS..

Now only I know I have so many friends share the same birthday as Malaysia..

August 28, 2009

Coming up next..

TAG Heuer Carrera Automatic Chronograph Tachymetre

I am spoiled..

August 22, 2009


Not blogging for few days..

He also emo..hehe..

August 18, 2009

Kissed by angmoh lady..

It's kisah benar and I am not telling lie. LOL..

It was like 2 months after I first arrived in Birmingham. Went to a friend birthday dinner at a pub in Birmingham.

The atmosphere, food and music were good. Even the people there were nice also.

Suddenly, this angmoh lady came near to our combined table and danced near us.. err.. near me.. LOL.. I am not sure she was drunk or high or thinking that I look handsome.. hahaha..

She was close to me and the boobs were like 6-inches away from me.. It's a culture shock to me, is it? hehe..

She then GRAB my head and KISSED me on my CHEEK.

I supposed to be happy but i wasn't. Why?

Because she's old. I think she's between 35 and 40.. STRESS..

August 14, 2009


Went to KL two days ago for a short business trip. It's a real business trip which involves lots of money in the future. Not 'business' trip, OK? LOL..

After that went to a Japanese restaurant in Gardens, Mid Valley for dinner.

I don't even know how to pronounce the name of the restaurant. hehe..

100 grams of Kobe Beef with hot sake.

Other dishes like shashimi (tuna belly & rainbow salmon), soft shell crab salad, goose liver, salmon steamboat (not sure if the name of the dish is correct) and more..

Four people end up with bill of RM99x.xx

August 10, 2009

Famous but not too famous..

I want to be well-known by lots of people in the world..
But not too much..

Pictures tell stories...

SL 8851

Just came back from Alor Star MINUTES ago..

The wagon at the front so yeng..

See see SL 8851

I don't care now. I want this wagon with the aluminium ladder on the top...

August 09, 2009

SL 6786

Didn't know the pak cik of the coffee stall outside my house owns this car. It's a GREEN Mitsubishi hatchback.

Check out the plate number..

It's my initials.. SL..

Should I ask my dad to spend RM1500 to buy this car from the pak cik JUST to keep the plate number for my car next time???

August 05, 2009


Back in Malaysia for more than one and a half month already. I do almost the same thing everyday.

1. Stalk people on facebook
2. Stalk people on blog
3. Watch HK drama and Taiwanese talk show
4. Play poker on facebook
5. Drink ribena
6. Driving (Send and pick sister from tuition)
7. Spray my DKNY Men.. even I am going to bed in half an hour time..
8. Eat
9. Sleep
10. Arghh.. what's no. 10??

My life is too bored.. I do less than 10 things everyday..


July 31, 2009

Next, please..

Were looking online for my next perfume as I already kaotim 25% of my latest 50ml DKNY MEN..
Bought it at Birmingham International Airport before coming back from the UK last June.

Already 25% sprayed. Attracted 0% girls.. LOL..

Went to one of the shopping malls in Alor Star today. Looking for new target. Which is my next perfume?? hmm..

1. Burberry Brit For Men (Launched long time ago..)
2. Burberry The Beat (This is for girls.. The sales lady thought I was buying for girl..)
3. Burberry The Beat For Men (This one might be suitable.. Maybe because of the brand??)
4. Calvin Klein Euphoria (Not bad..)
5. Calvin Klein Euphoria intense (Wa.. Almost pening smelling it..)

Or I should just follow what suggested by the facebook quiz..

Dunhill Fresh..

'Gaya, Mutu, Keunggulan'

'Style, Quality, Excellence'

July 29, 2009

Cheated?? Buy at the wrong place??

Went to One Utama after dinner with Tzyy, Vinc, Nic, Sim Ee, Zen and Gun the other day. Vinc said want to get some things before his flight to UK on the next day.

'Eh.. I want get a pair of shorts la.. The shorts that I am wearing now like so old d' I said. 'Let's go Zara..'

'Anything lo..' The gang replied.

I straight went inside Zara to look for the kind of shorts that I want. Targeted that pair of shorts the last time I came to One Utama. Went look for my target and then tried it one more time. 'Hmm.. Ngam ngam' While thinking of buying that pair of shorts I found that the button of the shorts has already came off. And that pair is the last pair in the store. And the sales person said it'll take two days to fix the bloody button.. 'What the .............'

'Eh.. Cannot la.. The button already came off.. Need two days to fix it.. I'm going back tomorrow d.. Let's go Padini' I said.

'Anything lo..' The gang replied again.

Ok.. Arrived in Padini. Went in and BROWSE for the kind of shorts that I want. After two minutes, 'Don't have le.. Nevermind la.. Buy next time' I told the gang..

'One Utama got Marks & Spencer.. Can go there check and see..' I told myself.. 'Eh, I go M&S a while.. 5 minutes only.. If got then I buy.. Don't have next time only buy..' I told the gang..

'Anything lo..' The gang replied again.

Went in M&S store like what big boss only.. Walk also got wind blowing.. Go look for the kind of shorts that I want..

'Yes.. Finally got d'..

RM 130
'Aiya.. Don't care la.. Buy only..'

Feel so happy for what I get until I saw this in the internet..

Blue Harbour Chino Shorts

From £5.00

What!!!! 5 Pounds only????
' !@#$%)&(^*^#%@%&)*%@$!$&)*_+R^#$ '

July 22, 2009

MIA to cool places..

Took bus from Alor Star to Ipoh. The bus stopped at don't know how many places before reaching my destination. The stupid bus made my friends waited for me for almost 3 hours in Ipoh.

Then Tzyy came and picked me up at Ipoh Bus Station and we headed to Cameron Highlands straight away.

Finally arrived in Cameron Highlands. Stayed in Vincent's apartment over there.

This is how his apartment looks like.

This is where we get our big business done.. What business?? Haha..

What are me and my friends looking at???

Oh.. We were looking vegetables farm. But why look only??? Why not go down to the farm and experience some farming??

Oh.. We were hungry.. See all the ingredients were there already but the steamboat was still nowhere to be seen.

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!!! The steamboat is so special...

Makan time..

After our steamboat session, we went to the pasar malam nearby. They have pasar malam in Cameron Highlands everyday. Nothing much there. We headed back to Vincent's apartment for our big business..

*inappropriate to show the picts here.. haha..*

'Eh, hungry eh.. Got anything to eat??'

'Got.. KFC..' 'Aiya.. Don't care la..'

After KFC, we dota a while. Before we even finished one game we found out someone is already K.O.

He is Tzyy..

The next day..

BOH Tea Farm..

Look at that platform...

Try out the tea and cookies made by BOH..

One last picture before going to Genting..

Upon our arrival in Genting, at the entrance of Highlands Hotel.
Vincent phoned someone. 'Hello, Uncle ar.. We now at your doorway d.. okok..'
He parked his car in front of the entrance and then passed the car keys to a car jockey..
I was like 'Wah.. This is going to be cool'

We then walked past through the Club Elite entrance which the doors was opened by a handsome guy then went up to our room at 16th floor.

Entrance of our room..

Eh no.. It's a suite..
Me going crazy after this..

Vincent, what are you trying to do???

Wa.. Headshot me ar??

Went down to First World Plaza for dinner after settle down.

Dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant..

After back, head back to our room for our Big Business again.

Again, it's inappropriate to show the picts here.. hehe..

Had supper with Vincent's dad after our business session..

Me like so stress after rugi in the investment..

Next day, theme park session..

Me high before ride..

First game.. Er.. dunno what it's called..

Second game.. Err.. Dunno what it's called..

Third game.. Flying Coaster.. Which is flying like a superman.. Vincent dropped his N95 while flying.. and the phone is still working after been reassembled.. Nokia will definitely be my next phone..

Forth game.. Space shot.. Nicholas was not dare to ride this.. but we made him 'enjoy' this.. LOL..

Fifth game.. corkscrew roller coaster.. Zen was just barely high enough to ride that.. hehe..

Next.. Indoor roller coaster??? Me again high before ride..

Ok.. Settle down for the ride..

Bumper car.. favourite game since small.. Look at Raymond on the left most before he got fcuked by us..

Trying to attract the crowd while playing in arcade..
Me hit the high score..

Dinner at this Chinese restaurant.. The food almost the same as in Dragon-i..

4D motion master after that..
Me once again high before ride..
And I pening after the ride..

Lastly, Happy 20th Bday, Zen..