May 20, 2010

Short forms


yah.. just like that for this time.. three alphabets and a fullstop.. :)

*exam period lar.. kasi chance sikit la.. telling the emo story from previous post next..*

May 09, 2010

F. M.

Be a bit mature, please.
Think before you do anything especially spreading news.
Think of the consequences.
It wasn't funny.

F myself..

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May 06, 2010


Will be MIA for three weeks.. See you friends..

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May 01, 2010

F. U.

One month ago, my house got broken in.. My 7 months old laptop and two phones stolen..
Six days ago, a friend's friend got attacked near university station.. He lost his laptop..
Four days ago, a friend's house got broken in.. He lost his Tag Heuer..
Yesterday, coursemates' house got broken in.. Laptop, PS3, camera and watch taken..
Today, a friend's LV wallet is pick-pocketed while she's in Italy..

Phuck you, criminal.. Fark you..