December 31, 2010

Fuck end of 2010


December 27, 2010

I hate iPhone 4

It was on early boxing day morning..

4.30am-when I was about to start my sweet Christmas night dream, auntie from Malaysia FaceTime-d me, showing me they were having good lunch..

6am-finally got asleep..

8am-cousin FaceTime-d.. He was trying to show his friend how good is iPhone 4.. And he chose to call me instead of other ppl.. U think I am white rat for ur experiment meh? Walao...

Continued sleeping after that.. Was damn tired..

12.30pm-Vincent called me telling me about sales in bullring on boxing day..

1.30pm-auntie FaceTime-d again.. Telling me they've just finished dinner.. I saw the men were drinking chivas 18yrs old..

Wakao... Luckily don't hv gf jek.. If i do and she FaceTime-s me every 2 hrs.. I sure won't hv good night sleep anymore..

Merry Christmas, mates..

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