September 25, 2009

Canon IXUS 100 IS

First image captured - Emma Watson on my laptop

First image captured in London - Piccadilly Circus

First image captured in Birmingham - my room window..

My new perfume - mission to attract girls starts again..

My room - my things + Tzyy's things..
My room is floor-less..

Search the internet for the details and reviews of the camera.. hehe..

September 23, 2009

3 and a half months

I've been back in Malaysia for more than 3 months. And I am going back to UK tomorrow night at 11.30pm.

I still remember me, Tzyy, EV and Yoyo were talking about Satay Kajang on our flight back from UK..

Yoyo: Fuhyoo.. Satay Kajang... We are coming.. Yooo...

Tzyy: Sedap nyer..

Me: Yaya.. Ev, bring us go eat..

Ev: Can can..

3 months have passed..

I haven't even tried one Satay Kajang..

September 16, 2009


Eight more days to go back to the UK..


I should start packing by now. But there are things that still unpack in my luggage, which I brought back from the UK 3months plus ago.. LOL..

My grandfather said ' Eh, can start packing d.. Can start buying things that you need when you are in the UK..'

'Oh.. OK.. But I don't now what to pack leh.. Everything is available in the UK.. Can get all the lap cheong, kiam hu, tomyam paste in Birmingham punya Chinatown. I still have 2 bak kut teh herbs with me in the UK.. All my friends also bring bak kut teh herbs.. It's still not my turn yet to use my bak kut teh herbs..' I said

What I really NEED are:
1. TAG Heuer Carrera Automatic Chronograph Tachymetre or TAG Heuer Link Automatic Chronograph
2. LV or Prada wallet
3. Nokia N86 or iPhone 3G S
4. Mont Blanc or Versace perfume
5. Canon or Sony digital camera
6. MacBook Pro
7. GF.. Yes, I desperately NEED one.. LOL..

September 11, 2009

I am writing resume..

Was lazing on the bed yesterday morning after being woken up by my ex-housemate.

Then a friend in studying QS in Melbourne started a conversation.

Friend: PS Me: SL

PS: Hey..

SL: Hello..

PS: I confirm going back to Msia next year

SL: Cool.. I listen first..

PS: Don't have to listen first.. it's confirmed..

SL: Why?

PS: I've got my internship in Msia..

SL: Cool.. What company are you working for?

SL: Wa.. It's a very big company leh..

PS: I know..

SL: I have a relative working in DL in London before come back to Msia le.. I went to the office before.. It's so fcking big.. LOL..

PS: I see.. I think you should join ARUP..

SL: Ya.. Was thinking of that also when I was doing 'big business' the other day.. hehe..

PS: Ya..

SL: But how did you apply for DL?

PS: I just simply send them an email together with my resume.. And they just accept me..

SL: Wa.. Cool.. Can you send me your sample resume? I wrote one last time.. And I think it's not in correct format..

PS: Wait..

SL: Okok..

Sending resume.....

SL: Got it.. Thanks.. How long will your internship be?

PS appears to be offline. He/She may not reply your message..

Eh.. Suddenly gone missing.. Nvm.. I've already got what I wanted.. Wakaka..

Ok.. I want to have my own good resume now.. I want to get into good company..

Ok.. Tonight write resume while yumcha at Starbucks after dinner with my ex-housemates..

But I don't have anything to write..


September 05, 2009

Habis lah..

When I start to line up to go in shops like this one, you know what to expect from me next..

Habis lahhhh..

24 hours in Singpore..

First 24 hours in Singapore..

Nothing much done..

Makan at Japanese restaurant with QH and Tzyy..

Went to 5 or 6 shopping malls with QH, Tzyy, Freddy and Zee..

Check out a Salvatore Ferragamo wallet at ION Orchard.. Talked to the sales person, much friendlier than other brands punya salesperson..

Back to Tzyy's house to play poker and watch drama..

1.37pm.. Now waiting for Tzyy to wake up to go shopping..

September 02, 2009