December 31, 2010

Fuck end of 2010


December 27, 2010

I hate iPhone 4

It was on early boxing day morning..

4.30am-when I was about to start my sweet Christmas night dream, auntie from Malaysia FaceTime-d me, showing me they were having good lunch..

6am-finally got asleep..

8am-cousin FaceTime-d.. He was trying to show his friend how good is iPhone 4.. And he chose to call me instead of other ppl.. U think I am white rat for ur experiment meh? Walao...

Continued sleeping after that.. Was damn tired..

12.30pm-Vincent called me telling me about sales in bullring on boxing day..

1.30pm-auntie FaceTime-d again.. Telling me they've just finished dinner.. I saw the men were drinking chivas 18yrs old..

Wakao... Luckily don't hv gf jek.. If i do and she FaceTime-s me every 2 hrs.. I sure won't hv good night sleep anymore..

Merry Christmas, mates..

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November 30, 2010

Blasting Dynamite..

it's been a while since i last updated.. nothing much this time.. ust something emo..

saw some pictures uploaded by a friend in facebook.. it's about their prize giving ceremony in birmingham.. i felt so down out of sudden when i first looked at their pictures.. why one of them not me.. i know i can stand in there with them.. i know my capability.. i just don't feel like pushing myself to the limit most of the time.. i've lost my motivation that drives me to achieve something really big in academic..

sometimes i feel what i have done or achieved is good enough.. i used to tell friends not to pressure themselves in studies.. telling them i've been through the worst condition.. i did well in pmr, spm.. bad in a-level.. good in year1, bad in year2, ok in final year.. and now i am still survived doing master in science in university of nottingham.. thinking back, i should not be getting just 2.2 in my degree.. i supposed to get at least 2.1 or 1st class.. i know i could but i just didn't put much effort in it..

i remember what deki lai told me before he left uk.. the night after we came back from halloween party.. (it doesn't sound right deki lai was talking something serious to me at that time) he said, 'SL, do well in your msc.. you got only 2.2 in your degree, aren't you?' mate, i remember that.. i think i promised you to do my best in msc as well..

i've been in nottingham for more than 2 months.. supposedly i have well known this hometown of robin hood.. but i went back to birmingham almost very weekend.. i even go back to birmingham three times a week.. that happened just a week ago.. i have few tennis partners here.. some old friends.. and most of the time i am solo in the class.. that's the sad part..

as the only son in the family.. son of the eldest son in the family.. u can never imagine the pressure behind especially you have quite a few uncles and aunties that graduated from some top universities.. they never put pressure on you.. but you utterly feel that.. when you are the favourite grandson and your grandfather is one of the most respectful persons in the big family..

you get what you wanted in life.. pocket money, tuition fees, travel cost, sports equipment, gadgets(i got myself a macbook air recenty :) ).. most of the time as long as it's related to finance and it's affordable and reasonable to get one.. you get it.. what the family wanted back from you is graduated from the university, with good results if possible..

hou guai sei emo arrhhhh... don't want to think of those things for now.. gonna blast dynamite by taio cruz..

October 13, 2010

In party mood, still..

Been back in UK for almost a month..

Feels good to travel on big aircraft, eg A380..
Feels no good after it lands, especially at UK border..
At LHR when you have A380 and B777 landing at the same time..

Stayed in Birmingham aka hometown for few days before heading to Nottingham..
The stay, of course, inclusive of some drinking sessions..
Woken up by friends finished working from Pad Thai at 6.30am..
To have breakfast of Tequila, Bailey's, Jagermeister, Chivas, Black Label..
Wrapped up the event with puke in the kitchen basin at 9am..
-No pictures of the event taken-

Arrived in Nottingham..
Nice weather.. Chilled wind..

Settled down in this a-bit-old room..
One thing good is it's twice as big as my previous room in Birmingham..

Got my study table set..
Ready for my MSc course..

New student I.D.

Bought some back to school gears..
Beg sekolah..

Kasut sekolah..

Left most of my stuff in Birmingham..
Rented a car back to hometown to bring all my rubbish to Nottingham..
Nice view leh..
Never get this kind of view while driving in Msia..

Went to Bicester Village once again..
Got myself a pair of jeans and a t-shirt..
As usual, I always got orders from QH..
QH's beg sekolah..

A friend called saying there was an oriental party in Birmingham..
And, I am already back in hometown within the next 24hrs..
Back to school themed party..

New GF..

-Listening to Secret-One Republic-

September 13, 2010

In need of serious planning..

Since graduated from uni,
I've heard friends getting jobs,
From continuing as a waiter in restaurant,
Starting as an engineer in a international consulting firm,
Working in the electronics field but she's graduated from chemical engineering,
Studied mechanical engineering but working in finance field,
Earning from £6 an hour, RM 6,000 a month to £60,000 a year..

I seriously going to start my working life end of next year,
Previous experiences from seniors show that to secure a good job,
One must apply EARLY,
As early as 8-10 months before graduating.

I definitely need some serious-shit thought of it.

August 25, 2010


I hv graduated..
Accepted to University of Nottingham for Msc..
Great family and friends in Alor Star, Birmingham and Subang..
Gets to drive to anywhere i like..
Owns a few luxury goods..
Affordable for delicious food and DRINKS.. *loves hawker food and iced lemon tea still*

I am good.. Can I be better?

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July 19, 2010

Reminder (updated: 27th July)

BEng in Electronic and Electrical Engineering - Done..

MSc in Electrical Technology with sustainable and renewable energy application - Done and accepted..

Accomodation in University of Nottingham - applied.. Waiting for confirmation.. Decided to stay with xiaomeimei's..

Family Euro trip - Done..

Deki Lai's birthday party - Attending..

Return ticket LHR-SIN-PEN - Confirmed.. Outbound 18th Aug.. Inbound 16th Sep..

iPhone 4 - line not clear.. Not buying yet..

International driving licence - applying when I am back in Msia..

Yum cha session in Msia - not sure.. Might be a lot..

Gaining weight - definitely..

Visiting London 4 times and Bicester Village 3 times in a month (from early July to early august)

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July 03, 2010


Not sure it's on purpose or not, a friend organised a trip to Alton Towers on my birthday..

Part of us at the entrance..

No idea what is the name of the building..

Jeffery insisted to hold my beg sekolah..

While waiting for some rides..

Stress after some rides..
Facebook to release stress.. LOL..

WAH.. macam superstar coming out from the airport..
Paparazzi and reporters around.. RUN..

At night, birthday party at my workplace, Pad Thai..

Gift from my manager, a bottle of Black Label..
Must finish it on my own.. STUNNED..

A sip of directly from the bottle and a sip of lemon water from the jug..

Housemates, Deki Lai and Wing Sheng..

'Siblings', Deki Lai and Kathryn..

'Siblings' and my organiser, Vincent..

'Let me help you a bit.. are you ok?'
'yah yah yah.. i'm STILL ok..'

Look at me, HIGH..

Thanks everyone for coming, drink, drink, drink..

YUM SENG time..

Yummmmmmmm.. yum yum yum....... Senggggggg...

Can't hear anything at all..

June 29, 2010

Me gusta España

29th June 2010
Spain vs Portugal
1 - 0

Ok.. That's for the world cup..
Now, pictures on where I was MIA and what I did when I was MIA..

First day in Ibiza..
Everyone was looking good..

Beach.. Sunset.. Beach boy..

Six of us went to the bar while the others were having late dinner..

3 rounds of Jaeger Bomb

3 rounds of something, something and something..

A round of Tequilla and a round of Aftershock when everyone was at the bar..
17 of us in total..

Next day before diving in the sea..
Me and Vincent looking at Lai's sunglasses..
Gay sia..

Trying to take photo with Deki Lai..

At Catalunya Square..

La Rambla, street of street artist..

With this tiang near to the port..

At Castell de Montjuic, looking at the port of Barcelona..

Look at the view from the castle..

Another side of the castle, looking at the city of Barcelona
The special building in the middle is the church of Sangrada Familia..
Gaudi's unfinished masterpiece since 1882..

Madrid, the Istana Negara of Spain..

Madrid, at Plaza Mayor..

Plaza de Toros for bullfighting..
Too bad there were some function going on in the bullring..
Public were not allowed to go in..

Day er.. can't remember.. in Madrid..
Wah.. that guy in the picture above banyak lengcai..

The best picture of the whole trip..
Taken outside the Museum of Art looking at the city of Barcelona..