August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, mateS..

Now only I know I have so many friends share the same birthday as Malaysia..

August 28, 2009

Coming up next..

TAG Heuer Carrera Automatic Chronograph Tachymetre

I am spoiled..

August 22, 2009


Not blogging for few days..

He also emo..hehe..

August 18, 2009

Kissed by angmoh lady..

It's kisah benar and I am not telling lie. LOL..

It was like 2 months after I first arrived in Birmingham. Went to a friend birthday dinner at a pub in Birmingham.

The atmosphere, food and music were good. Even the people there were nice also.

Suddenly, this angmoh lady came near to our combined table and danced near us.. err.. near me.. LOL.. I am not sure she was drunk or high or thinking that I look handsome.. hahaha..

She was close to me and the boobs were like 6-inches away from me.. It's a culture shock to me, is it? hehe..

She then GRAB my head and KISSED me on my CHEEK.

I supposed to be happy but i wasn't. Why?

Because she's old. I think she's between 35 and 40.. STRESS..

August 14, 2009


Went to KL two days ago for a short business trip. It's a real business trip which involves lots of money in the future. Not 'business' trip, OK? LOL..

After that went to a Japanese restaurant in Gardens, Mid Valley for dinner.

I don't even know how to pronounce the name of the restaurant. hehe..

100 grams of Kobe Beef with hot sake.

Other dishes like shashimi (tuna belly & rainbow salmon), soft shell crab salad, goose liver, salmon steamboat (not sure if the name of the dish is correct) and more..

Four people end up with bill of RM99x.xx

August 10, 2009

Famous but not too famous..

I want to be well-known by lots of people in the world..
But not too much..

Pictures tell stories...

SL 8851

Just came back from Alor Star MINUTES ago..

The wagon at the front so yeng..

See see SL 8851

I don't care now. I want this wagon with the aluminium ladder on the top...

August 09, 2009

SL 6786

Didn't know the pak cik of the coffee stall outside my house owns this car. It's a GREEN Mitsubishi hatchback.

Check out the plate number..

It's my initials.. SL..

Should I ask my dad to spend RM1500 to buy this car from the pak cik JUST to keep the plate number for my car next time???

August 05, 2009


Back in Malaysia for more than one and a half month already. I do almost the same thing everyday.

1. Stalk people on facebook
2. Stalk people on blog
3. Watch HK drama and Taiwanese talk show
4. Play poker on facebook
5. Drink ribena
6. Driving (Send and pick sister from tuition)
7. Spray my DKNY Men.. even I am going to bed in half an hour time..
8. Eat
9. Sleep
10. Arghh.. what's no. 10??

My life is too bored.. I do less than 10 things everyday..