December 31, 2008

It's 1 Pound = RM5.00 and -5 degree today..

Just came back from London few days ago. Wanted to blog about my trip to London but I was so lazy to blog.

Was looking at my desktop..

Look at the Windows Sidebar. It shows it's -5 degree today. This is the first time it's so cold in Birmingham since I arrived at the home of Aston Villa. No wonder I was gasping for air like a cow while walking to the train station from my house.

And, another thing, I am not sure it's a good news or not.. It's 1 Pound = RM5.00. The exchange rate is dropping everyday. I think it might drop to RM4.50 or lower. Let's hope so. I was wondering the exchange rate getting lower and lower is a good thing or not because lower exchange rate makes me spend MORE.. argh.. stress sikit..

December 24, 2008

Currently in London...

I am in London for my first christmas in uk.. Posting using my O2 xda ignito.. cant talk much right now.. will update soon..

December 19, 2008

Rot at home

Haigh... These few days didn't go anywhere. Stay at home most of the time. Watched a 40-episode drama in just 2 days time. Imagine that, how wu liao am I..

Went to play tennis with Kenn Shaun yesterday. Play for 3 hours straight from 10am to 1pm. This is the longest time I play tennis since.. erm.. 3 years ago. Whole body ache today. Like an old man. Stress sikit.

My 45 Pounds Slazenger Quad Flex 290

December 14, 2008

Who say police can't drive supercars?

If you see a police in Malaysia drive a good car, fast car or luxury car, you'll say the police earned that from bribery. This is because there is not possible for them to own such expensive car, for instance, Mitsubishi Evo X, which cost about RM300,000. Their salary simply not enough for them to buy one, unless they have grass and air as their food..

So, many people in Malaysia doesn't one to be a police. It's not that they are not patriotic or love their country, it's the income for a GOOD police can only get them a semi-D and a national car.

But now, I think there will be more people applying to police academy. It's simply a police now can drive a Mitsubishi Evo chasing criminals.

Here's the link to The Star newspaper.

Click here.

December 12, 2008

MRSM Beseri

I was in MRSM Beseri in Perlis from 2004 to 2005 for my SPM. Had great time over there. It's where I learned how to play tennis, where I learned how to study with friends without going tuition, where I met true friends, where I met really genius guys, where I met someone who's once important to me..

I found this video in youtube posted by a junior (I have totally no idea who she is as she's two years younger than me). I lived in the condition like that last time.

I miss that place...

December 09, 2008

Stepper Motor

It's a super duper nice and neat circuit, isn't it?

Were working on this stepper motor thingy for like 3 weeks ago. I have no idea how many brain cells I have sacrificed (though I didn't do all the work). haigh..

I think this is the best circuit I've made since I started my E&E Engineering course. I have never been so concentrate on my electrical works before. I was satisfied, ahhhhmm..

Let's see some good stuff..

New Street at Night

Went to New Street last Wednesday with Maverick and Ei-vonne, after class. Eivonne said the German Market in New Street is very happening and worth have a look.

Victoria Square

German Sausage

German Sausage

The German Sausage is quite nice. Different from what I have had so far. hmm..
ho chiak, ho liao, hao liao, sedap, delicious..

December 08, 2008

Dim Sum and Shopping

Went to China Town for Dim Sum with this 'bunch' of friends yesterday.. lol.. All of us did not have Dim Sum for such long time already(though I just had it one month ago in London). Since when we arrive in Birmingham in September.

There were 12 of us and we split into 2 tables. I have no idea why they split to 8 and 4 instead of 6 and 6. Anyway, I was in the table of 8. The 8 of us are that kind that don't really care of the price of food when it comes to 'long lost' food, dim sum, for instance. There were 8 of us and we ordered like for 10 or 12. We were hungry but not that hungry till need to eat so much. It's just that we want to try every of them.

Ok, the food came. Egg tart, chee cheug fun, ha kau, siew mai and bla bla bla. There were some food that came to us but in fact we didn't order for those. We don't care!!! Just put it in the month, bite and swallow!!

We were waiting for some that we ordered but didn't come. 'Excuse me, we would like to check if the xxxx is ready?' one of us asked the waitress(of course not that polite la, food not coming). 'There, the one on the table is xxxx' replied the waitress.

'HAR!!!!' all of us shocked. We didn't know that's xxxx, it looked different from what I've had in London and Malaysia. We were like 'zha dou'.. Now only we realise that the dim sum in Birmingham China Town is different from other places. SPECIAL!!!

Later on went Bullring for shopping. I thought for buying myself a scarf. ' hmm.. I think I am getting one from M&S' I told myself. While walking around New Street, I saw a lot people carrying 'next' shopping bag. ''next' must be having sales or something'. I keep telling myself not to buy an expensive one. 'agak-agak' can use is good enough.

But, I end up with.. 

that costs me 13 Pounds. Damn..

December 01, 2008


Have you ever watched a tv commercial about cough syrup?? That's what the actors and actresses feel when they heal immediately after they drink the syrup.. ahhhhhhmmmm...

That's what I am feeling now. It's not that I've just healed from cough, not after I am satisfied 'doing' with my gf (if I have one now)..

It's I've just handed in my two months long coursework, which I rushed to finish it in, erm, one week?

That explains why I did not update my blog for one week..