April 24, 2009

Eat in, take away or delivery..

Been getting so much supports and encouragement from all my loyal fans and readers. Thank you for all your suggestions and opinions on my entries.

This time, I would like to blog about a restaurant in Birmingham, UK. The first time I went to this restaurant, I was surprised. It's not a restaurant if you look from the outside. It's just a normal house. A house that usually rented out to university students. There are five staffs all together in the restaurant but there will be another chef helping if there is any big party held over there.

There is this particular staff that I have to mention. Even he's just a newbie in this area, he can already prepare some good dishes. He's pro in preparing food that have the mixture between the western and the eastern. It might be weird for some people but at least it's nice for me.

The last time I went he made me this special dish, steamed egg.

You can see that why is it a black dot in the middle. It's actually a special design by him. He doesn't want his steamed egg to look dull as the usual one. He purposely pour some soy sauce on it when the steamed egg is almost ready. This is the most creative and interesting dish that I've ever seen.

When it comes to its taste, I've no suitable adjective to describe how delicious it is. It's just simply awesome. It's a 5-stars cuisine that uses only minced pork, eggs, oyster sauce, soy sauce and some pepper. That's all.

If you want to organise a dinner with less than ten close friends, take away or even have the dishes being delivered to your doorstep, please leave your name, contact and details of the order that you want to make in the comment. Your request will be replied as soon as possible.

April 21, 2009

Fastest ever..

This is what I get for downloading at Design Centre.

At the speed of 1.71 MB/s = 1710kB/s = 1710000B/s.

April 20, 2009

Trip to Liverpool

Went to Liverpool last Thursday. It's a great city.

Haven't got the mood to write much about it.

Want to know what have I done in Liverpool????

Please refer to Tzyy's entry. Click here!!! LOL..

April 14, 2009


I don't have to work since small
She's been helping father since small

I went to college
She went to Form 6

I've got bad result in college
She's got good result in Form 6

I continue my study
She has to work to continue study

I spend parent's money happily
She spend her hard earned money happily

I enjoy life days and nights spending money and wasting time
She enjoys life spending time with friends after work

I ask for money when I don't have enough money
She figures out on her own when she has no money

I don't save even a penny
She's saving for future

I don't have to worry about my future
She has to plan things ahead

I don't have to do research on which school to go to
She has to check from A-Z on which school she's planning to go to

I am dependent
She's independent

I am emo..
How I know she's emo or not at the moment!!

But I know she works hard to live...

April 12, 2009

Special 'Delivery'..

I am sure many of you have the experience of ordering 'delivery' to your house or workplace or even to computer lab if you are studying Electrical and Electrical Engineering year 2 at University of Birmingham, Edgbaston B15 2TT, West Midlands, UK..

The food is delivered by someone using a motorcycle or the most a van. By the time it reaches the computer lab in Gisbert Kapp building, it has already passes a few traffic lights, a few high speed drift at sharp corners, a number of potholes along Vincent Drive and Prichatt's Road.

This special 'delivery' is carried by someone special from somewhere special through special route to me. This 'delivery' is ordered at a bakery at Jalan Pasar, Ayer Itam, Penang (Besides Kek Lok Si) through air passed the security check at Bayan Lepas International Airport then to Changi Airport. After that, travelled in a MRT to an apartment in Tampines St and stayed there for a few days. 

It then flew to Manchester International Airport passes Strait of Malacca, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, English Channel and checked in to Macdonald Hotel and later board a scheduled train provided by Crosscountry from Manchester Piccadilly to Birmingham New Street in a Muji bag. It was brought hang around Bullring Shopping Complex and New Street. Went into Debenham, H&M, River Island, TopShop, Selfridges and also toilet in Bullring. LOL..

Later on it was carried unstable to Dragon BBQ in Broadway, waiting for it's carrier to fill his stomach with all sorts of meat, sushi, Peking Pork (they hv pork instead of duck), fruits, cake, tap water and also a sip of bitter lemon juice. It then carried to boring Tesco for a while and after roughly one hour, it finally arrived at 35, Underwood Close, B15 2SX, Edgbaston, Birmingham,West Midlands, UK.

Seng Heang Biscuit Tambun

It's 32 biji instead of 40

A box of Tambun Biscuit that brought by a friend from Penang to Singapore
to Birmingham, UK.


Thank you, QH..

April 06, 2009

Aiyoh.. Putus again..

Were playing tennis happily with a friend last saturday morning and this two months old thing just snapped. Found that this string is quite a nice one. It gives me very good spin which I am craving for all the time.

2 mths old Pro's Pro Clay Court Plus that cost me £13.00 incl. labour cost

Argh.. String in the UK is so damn expensive. Cannot always re-string my racket leh. Thus, I choose to have a better one.

Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour - £11.50

Got this from Stringer's World over the internet. The price includes the postage fee but not re-string labour cost. I might receive this new Babo in few days time. Hope that it will last longer this time.

April 02, 2009

SL vs KS

                            SL                                                                          KS

Kenny, I been to Old Trafford also..
You had photo with Giggs's jersey..
I had with Nani, Rooney, Ronaldo, Giggs and Scholes jersey..