November 30, 2009


I am currently not paying attention in class..

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November 28, 2009

My long lost 'bro'

It's been at least 5 years I haven't see Khoon Meng since he graduated from SMK Jitra. I was in Form 3 at that time. I knew that he went to Taylor's for A-level and University of Nottingham and now working as a mechanical engineer in Coventry.

I thought we could only see each other when both of us back to our home town during Chinese New Year but I met him unexpectely in University of Nottingham Malaysian Games last month. I participated in the tennis competition and he's just helping his friends around. We had just some simple chat as it was quite late at that time and I need to rush to the bus to come back to Birmingham.

You know when you meet someone from your home town, used to hang around together and lost contact for so many years, in a foreign country, that kind of feeling is ............. (bad vocab.. dunno what word to describe..)

Last night, when I was waiting for this bunch of unpunctual EE course mates for dinner at Malaysian Delight. I saw a familiar face standing outside. It was Khoon Meng. I was like how could it be so ngam. When we don't meet, we don't see each other for 5-6 years. Now, after one month, I got to see him again. He was actually meeting a few friends for dinner as well last night.

We used to play badminton together, trained kao kao in the school team, had roti canai together after the training session. And, his classmates used to say that I look like his younger brother but I don't really think so. hehe..

Ada sama?

November 27, 2009

November 25, 2009

Trip to Switzerland confirmed..

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November 23, 2009

Next destination..

Zen ar.. Faster make decision la.. Want to go or not..
I don't want to stay with stranger for 4 nights leh..
If not I have to ask Tzyy go leh..
But I don't want to go with him..
He'll sleep in the 4-stars hotel all day long..

Btw Tzyy, we are going to Monte Carlo after visiting Roger Federer..


November 22, 2009




November 19, 2009

Totally lost..

Lost my appetite..
Couldn't finish a set meal of McD breakfast..
Had hi-tea but didn't finish a mug of hot choc..
Had 25% lesser amount of food that I usually have for dinner..
Had few spoons of special fried rice from Msian Delight then threw the rest away..

Lost interest in school work..
Fall asleep in class..
Play with iPhone in lectures..
Lazy to do assignment..

What am I supposed to do now???
Have a good rest then continue work?
Have a good rest then makan kao kao then continue school work?


Do my laundry as I will be going to Uni naked tomorrow if I don't..

November 17, 2009

Back from MIA

MIA from Uni, lectures and Birmingham for more than one week..

back to work..

Piles of work waiting to be done..

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November 09, 2009


Came back from work last night..
Tired and had sore throat..
Went to neighbour's simple birthday party celebration..
Had steamboat..
Made birthday boy drank almost half a bottle of Black Label..
Was high seeing birthday boy hugging a girl when he chose 'dare' while playing 'truth or dare'..

Came back home..
Ate a muffin bought/made (not sure) by classmate..
Started to realise I am getting sick..
Changed and went to bed..

Woke up this morning..
Sore throat..
Running nose..
Whole body aching..
Felt cold..

Walked to Uni..
Wrapped by Next scarf..
Moving in the 6 degree Celsius breeze..
Felt like fainting half way through to lecture..

Got some warm in the lecture theatre..
Paid full attention at the first 30 minutes..
Started to dream after that..
Checking facebook on iPhone..
Thinking any nice places to go in London..

Lecture ended one hour early..
Walked back home..
Will be skipping all today lectures..

Totally knocked out..