January 31, 2010

Lovely Sunday

Outside my window
0.0 degree C

January 27, 2010


Took tram to Old Trafford..
Walked to the Theatre of Dreams..
Bought museum and stadium tour ticket..
Shopped in the Megastore..
Changed to newly bought jersey..
Visit the museum..
Followed the stadium tour..
Took extremely limited precious pictures..

Strolled around the centre of city of Manchester..
Shared hot baked potatoes with no-so-spicy yet delicious curry..
Sat on a bench in chilly wind..

Had buffet in Chinatown Manchester..
Didn't eat much..
Chatted most of the time..

Walked you back to your hotel..
Left Manchester Picadilly for Birmingham New Street..

-I miss you-

January 20, 2010

New costume for Baibai

-Off to uni for circuit design and solder-

Strange yet true

I was doing assignment two days ago, from 3pm to 3am..
Was not really concentrate in completing the assignment during the first few hours..
Was fb-ing and youtube-ing..
Looking at people around..
Kepo on what they were actually doing..
Started to kan cheong after dinner time and wanted to finish the assignment before 11pm..
House mates called at 10.30 to ask what time could I finish my assignment..
Wanted to have some chat and light drink..

Roughly 11pm, something came across my mind..
I felt like the things that I was doing at that time were so familiar..
The atmosphere, the assignment that I was rushing..
It lasted for few seconds and I came back to the reality..

Then I realised..
I dreamt about this few months ago..
Dreamt about the atmosphere..
The same kan cheong-ness..
The same computer screen I was looking at..

It was when my year 3 sem 1 just started..
How I could dream about what's going to happen in a few months time beforehand..
This is not the first time..
I had this experience few times for the past 20 years..


January 12, 2010

Financial crisis

I guess I am in serious financial crisis after..

1. iPhone 3GS
2. LV wallet
3. Swiss + Monaco trip
4. Boxing day shopping
5. Pad Thai 3 times every month, on average
6. Lunch/dinner with housemates and friends in city at least three times a week
6. Direct calls back to Msia using O2, longest call 45mins
7. Sainsbury grocery shopping that cost 102.30 Pounds at one time

-Will be eating instant noodles, bread, pizzas until summer-

January 09, 2010

Sprained ankle

It's been more than 2 months since I started working part time in Malaysian Delight. It means that I have not been to gym or play any sports that frequent anymore. I only went to gym once since I started working, which is one and a half months ago and yesterday is the second time.

Wing Sheng, my housemate came into my room at 5.45pm,

WingSheng: Later 6pm plus we go gym then 8pm we go play basketball then after that go Selly Oak eat..
Me: Okok..
WingSheng: Now I want to eat instant noodles first, have not eaten anything yet today..
Me: Wa.. So geng.. Diet until like that..

We went to gym, did cycling, running on threadmill and chin-up.. Clearly we've lost our stamina.. Exhausted after 45 minutes..

Then play basketball.. Within 15 minutes, I was running left and right, no one guarded me, running for best position for ball, I fell down, sprained my ankle. My cough is still yet to cure and I now sprained my ankle??? wtf..

Stood up on my own, didn't really care about my ankle, continued playing and went to dinner with Wing Sheng..

-School reopening soon. I have hw to do-

January 07, 2010

Something not right..

I know it's unusual and unbelievable. Big big project that I hardly success in doing it.

It happened that something came across my mind and I decided to clean my room. This is the first time it becomes to clean and tidy since I moved in in 2008.

After 2 hours of cleaning and 6 bags of rubbish..

Clean and tidy leh..

A round mirror make it looks like ship watertight door..

Each of them has a story..

-Just woke up.. Eyes not fully opened yet..-

January 05, 2010

Pushing the limit..

1200-2000 Malaysian Delight, Chinatown Birmingham
2100-2230 M.E. library, University of Birmingham

1200-1900 Malaysian Delight, Chinatown Birmingham
1930-2330 M.E. library, University of Birmingham

1200-2300 Malaysian Delight, Chinatown Birmingham

-Drinking Wong Lo Kat Herbal Tea.. Sleeping in minutes..-

January 02, 2010

2nd day of the year..

Went out for dinner with housemates and friends last night. Had great food and conversation with them. Listened to one of them telling her experience doing part time and internship in KLCC. Seems a little too far for me to appear in that place and work in a multinational company. BUT I still think it's achievable. Confident sial..

Later that night followed them to their house. Planned for mahjung session but ended up watching my friends playing PS3. Had a football game but I was noob enough to score an own goal and got 2 yellow cards.

Chit-chatted while watching them playing and then fell asleep on the sofa with don't-know-whose blanket. Woke up around 5am and came back home. Watched drama for a while. Then slept for few hours.

Woken up by my Sorry Sorry- Super Junior alarm tone at 10.30am. Got ready and went to work at Malaysian Delight from 12-8pm. Rested twice during working hours which are lunch and dinner break (lunch break, not lunch hour..) for 10 minutes each. Worse than secondary school recess time.

Finally finished working, knew that few friends studying in uni for their exam on Tuesday, which I don't have. Tapao-ed half a roasted duck for them from my lou-sai.. Talked rubbish with them for a while then came back home.

Did laundry. Hung my Zara jacket nicely in the wardrobe. I am now going to bed. Need to work again tomorrow at the same time.

-Coughing like mad. Me getting sick again. Fcuk-