November 24, 2008

siao, sot, crazy, gila, wayar putus..

As a Malaysian, can you finish a 30-page assignment in 7 days? 七天.. chat yat.. tujuh hari..

Yes, I can.. wo ke yi.. gua boleh..


November 21, 2008

Exchange Placement Interview

Remember I blogged about my international exchange programme thing?

I got an email saying that I am going to an interview for that. For a kampung boy that speaks broken English, interview can be a difficult thing for me.

It's next Wednesday and how am I going to prepare for it?

'Ship will go straight when it reaches the jetty'. A Chinese proverb says. LOL..

November 20, 2008

Think before talk

Last time, and still going on nowadays, I talk without going through my brain. 

There was once during my primary, I can't remember what event was that, I was arguing with a girl (lol..not gentlemen.. who cares..), then I came out with something very harsh. I won the fight but she ended up with 'why don't you think before you talk?'

Few months ago when I was working in the summer, I was in a meeting. The main contractor asked when can I proceed with next coming task. Without thinking deeply, I answered ' ok, we'll do it when we are free'. Sounds right but it actually wrong. I wasn't aware of that. It should be 'ok, I'll do it as soon as possible' although you know that you won't make it to the deadline.

That's not the only two incident that involve talking without going through my brain. There are still a lot real life example.

There will be another post talking about this again next time as this kind of things always happen on me.

November 19, 2008

Trip to London- 1st part

Went to London to visit relative over the last weekend. A boy from kampung travel alone from Birmingham to City of London. Bought his own Oyster card. Travelled by bus underground and buses. Sesat a bit. LOL.

Have a look on the first half of the journey.

First picture taken in London

London Bridge

View of River Thames from middle of London Bridge

November 14, 2008

Ah Kin Ko.. (brother Atkins)

Finally done my EE2A lab. It took me and the group 3 labs to get it done. Preparation work is super important here. If no preparation work, then you hailat la. Luckily, Eivonne did most of the preparation work. Me and Maverick are like kelefe(cantonese: sub-actors). 

See how messy is our design. haigh. stress sikit. Hope that we'll improve more in our next experiment.

November 12, 2008

Noob, Bodoh, Sohai

Came back from uni just now with Maverick. There was a car driven at high speed over a bumper. This noob, bodoh, sohai driver didn't even step on his brake pedal to slow down. Instead, he just drove over the bumper at speed.

Actually this is quite common and happens everywhere but what I want to point out is the spare tyre of the car came off from where it should be. Usually, the spare tyre is designed in such a way that it is placed in the boot. But for this particular low-cost-design car, the spare tyre is placed underneath the boot and tighten with bolts. 

That noob, bodoh, sohai driver realised that there's something wrong with the car and then stopped after 20 metres. He came out of the car look back to his spare tyre and later on got back into his car. He drove away WITHOUT his spare tyre.

WTF.. This guy is just a noob, bodoh and sohai..

November 10, 2008

Which International Exchange university should I choose??

Which one better??

Those who interested in International Exchange have got 3 choices to make on which university they prefer to do their International Exchange programme. 

I want to go University of Melbourne. What are the other two??? NUS?? Nope, too near to Malaysia.. Europe country besides UK?? Erm.. Dunno le.. Hv to learn another language.. which might be good also... Japan?? hmm.. seems ok...

I think I will go for University of Melbourne, Australia, Kobe University, Japan and Universitat Bochum, Germany..