June 30, 2009

Miss QH..

'Eh, I still owe you money leh..'

'Aiyo.. Slowly la.. Don't have to rush to pay me back..'

'Err.. You come Penang la.. Can pay you back that time and bring go round Penang.. I am going back BM end of June..'

'Hmm.. okok..'

As usual, my daily routine, stalking people on facebook and blogs. Then I came across this blog post..

total days in Malaysia, 13 freaking days!! woooohooo


so folks, call me up in order to catch me aight!

Now she's back in Msia. I can get back my money. Wakaka.. So, me aka loan shark aka creditor quickly get in touch with my debtor to ask her to return my money.

Since I am not so familiar with the roads in Penang. So, she suggest that we meet at McD in Autocity at 11.30AM.. Eleven Thirty Ehh Amm.. I arrived there around 11.20AM. I was early. I was thinking nevermind la, it's normal for guys to wait for girls..

So boring waiting for her alone at McD. Nevermind, I have my own entertainment --- stalk people on facebook. This time using my PDA phone and the free wifi from McD.

Then I got her call at around 11.45AM, I thought she's outside McD liao.. Mana tahu she said 'I am coming out from my house now, will be there in 15 to 20 mins'. What else can I answer her??? takkan scold her for being late meh?? 'Oh, okok.. No problem.. Waiting for you leh.. Half an hour more also can..' 'Ok, see you later la..' 'Ok, bye..' *Continue stalking people on the facebook*

Finally, she's here at McD Autocity. So me walked to her car and jumped in. Fasten the seat belt. She was in a dress. Very short somemore. Wah, wear until so short, you think can pay lesser meh.. pay more got lah.. 'I have your money with me now' She then showed me a bunch of Spore Dollar notes.. 'Later go change then pay you back.. We now go Kek Lok Si there eat laksa, then hang out in Gurney' 'Ok..'

Summary of my trip to penang..
1. Vanilla ice-cream at McD in autocity
2. Laksa near Kek Lok Si
3. Some mocha drinks at DOME in Gurney
4. Char Koey Teow, Poh Piah, Orh Chian at a hawker centre.. Forgot the name of the place..
5. Häagen-Dazs at Queensbay Mall
6. Koey Teow Basah in some where in BM
7. Starbucks in Autocity

All these happened from 12pm till 12 midnight.. Seven meals in 12 hours..

Summary of the whole post. I FAILED to collect my money back. The Spore Dollar notes dunno are real or fake ones.. wakaka..

She's wearing super short dress..
She's using Burberry perfume..
She's got too many pieces of Zara until can set up a muzeum..
She almost made my nose bleed.. Luckily I didn't.. LOL..
She's Miss QH, who wants a Miu Miu next...

June 14, 2009

Back in this hot and hazy place..

'Ladies and gentlemen, we will be landing at Kuala Lumpur International Airport shortly. Please be seated.' Captain said..

Not-sexy-looking air stewardess. 'Please adjust your seat upright'..

'Cabin crew, please be seated for landing' Captain again..

Few minutes later...

'Fiuhhh... Dum.. Dummm.......'

'Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, kita telah mendarat di Lapangan Terbang Antarabangasa Kuala Lumpur. Sila berada di tempat duduk anda sehingga pesawat telah berhenti sepenuhnya... telefon bimbit anda... bangunan terminal...'

I am back to this place...
Internet slow nyer..
Panas nyer...
Satay sedap nyer..
Kopi-o-peng jit poy..
Teh tarik satu.. tarik kasi panjang sket..

No more..
Cheers, mate..
Hi, you alright?
Next please..
No more..
for few months...

June 06, 2009

Blogging from phone..

It's already 11 days after my year 2 final exam, which means i lost my laptop for 11 days. It's not easy to spend your time when u don't have a laptop with you.

On the day exam finished, me and coursemates went to sing k. There were 20 of us squeesed in a 5m x 8m small karaoke room. Our host, Mr. Chen Chao asked us to be at the karaoke at 5pm. I have absolutely no idea why he asked everyone to be there at this early. Though we were having dinner there but 5pm is too early isn't it? We sang, drank and drunk, played dices, chit chat for the whole night. Tell you what, money can buy happiness. Yes, you heard me right. Just that it cost £864 for one night. Cool?

I brought one and a half bottle of chivas home. I thought I earned it because we shared the bill and one and a half bottle of chivas is already worth more than what I have paid. Sounds that I am smart right can take chivas back. The smarter thing is coming. I found out that my house was broken in when I reached home. I lost my laptop. But how the theif came in? Because I didn't lock my door. Smart?

For the next few days, I can only rot at home, facebook and msn using phone, play tennis and go swimming. This is so sien weh.. My housemates haven't finish their exam yet. They are not going out anytime soon and therefore I can't follow them.

Finally their exam finished and I followed them enjoy life and play. wakaaka.. We played pool, watched movies and jomjom. Most important, we went for good food with good mood. Yeah!!

On the next day, I followed tzyy to Sheffield. He sold his desktop to a friend there. So I became the kuli help him deliver the desktop to the friend. We then walked around the city of Sheffield. It's quite nice. The buildings over there are far more modern than those in Birmingham. It's a day trip.

The next day (short of vocab), me, housemates and few more friends went to Bicester Village. It's a shopping heaven. Things there are branded and much cheaper than those in shopping complex. Once again I spent like nobody's business. Few hundred Pounds gone.

At night, big event.. Drinking party. Drinking only pure liquor from shot glasses. Whoever attended the party brought with them a bottle of liquor. 17 of us kaotim 10 bottles of pure liquor. I KO after 10 shots.

Wa.. Didn't know I can blog so long using my phone. It's not a bad phone after all. Why I keep regreting signing up for it.?