December 31, 2009


Another year has passed, what have I done or achieved for the past 365 days?

1. ........
2. ........
3. ........

After 15 minutes...

Another year has passed, what have I done or achieved for the past 365 days?

1. ........
2. ........
3. ........

After 30 minutes...

Another year has passed, what have I done or achieved for the past 365 days?

1. ........
2. ........
3. ........

I have not done much throughout the year. Can anyone please tell me what I been doing for the whole year. I don't mind turning on my comment box and chat box for spam. JUST TELL ME WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!


December 25, 2009

Shopping list

It's shopping day again tomorrow, Boxing Day..

And my shopping list,
1. .....
2. .....
3. .....

I've nothing to buy or should say I am not able to do that this year.. Poket koyak after come back from Switzerland and Monaco..

December 21, 2009

Switzerland + Monaco = Swissnaco

I'm in Monaco now, most probably will be the last night for my 8 days winter holiday trip if my flight back to London Stansted from Nice tomorrow is not cancelled due to bad weather.

It's been 5 days and 4 nights in Switzerland. Tiring trip following the tour but enjoyed with papa(Yoyo), son(zeneng), duck-very-dog(Heng Goh), Mr. Xuxu(Ah Chan) and boss(Boon Tat). Everyone was alcoholised all 4 nights in Switzerland.

Travelling to Monaco from Switzerland was a chi-kik experience when QH commented on facebook saying we need visa to the country hours before boarding the aircraft. I missed the booth to submit tax refund form for shopping in Switzerland, flight delayed for 1.5 hours due to bad weather, aircraft went into air turbulance, took bus from Nice Airport to Monaco, arrived in the apartment in Monaco at 1am.

Second day in Monaco was perfect. It's sunny and lovely to walk along the breezy coast of Monte Carlo. Took lots of photos, will upload some here and mostly on facebook.

Visited Monte Carlo casino in Topman pink shirt, GAP wool sweater, Topman jeans, Primark blazer and Adidas sneakers. Paid €10 for entrance and spent 20 minutes walking around the not-crowded tables and totally empty slot machines.

Had great dinner later treated by boss as the slot machines in other casino awarded him €500 jackpot.

It's 10pm now. Bored. Not going out again to jom as it's raining cats and dogs. Gonna sleep early tonight.

New word learned: merci


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December 14, 2009


After 2 tablets of paracetamol, 3 char siew bun and 19 hrs of rest and sleep..

I am fully recovered, I guess...

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December 13, 2009


Equation 1:
Calsberg Export + Heineken + Chivas
= Puke on someone's else carpeted room + kitchen floor + kitchen sink + pee in friend's back yard

Equation 2:
Work excessively + lack of rest from Equation 1
= Sick

Solving equation 1 and 2:
= Knocked Out

Off to sleep, 1648 hr Sunday 13/12/2009

*Countdown to trip to Switzerland and Monaco, 2 days*

December 06, 2009

Almost two years..

It started when I was still doing yr one in Taylor's..
I came back from college..
You were online..
Bored with temporary job..
We chatted for few hours everytime..
It's when I got to know you more..

Yah, that's when everything started..
You asked me that..
I wasn't sure when it was..
Now, I am sure..
It's at the beginning of 2008..

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