June 29, 2010

Me gusta España

29th June 2010
Spain vs Portugal
1 - 0

Ok.. That's for the world cup..
Now, pictures on where I was MIA and what I did when I was MIA..

First day in Ibiza..
Everyone was looking good..

Beach.. Sunset.. Beach boy..

Six of us went to the bar while the others were having late dinner..

3 rounds of Jaeger Bomb

3 rounds of something, something and something..

A round of Tequilla and a round of Aftershock when everyone was at the bar..
17 of us in total..

Next day before diving in the sea..
Me and Vincent looking at Lai's sunglasses..
Gay sia..

Trying to take photo with Deki Lai..

At Catalunya Square..

La Rambla, street of street artist..

With this tiang near to the port..

At Castell de Montjuic, looking at the port of Barcelona..

Look at the view from the castle..

Another side of the castle, looking at the city of Barcelona
The special building in the middle is the church of Sangrada Familia..
Gaudi's unfinished masterpiece since 1882..

Madrid, the Istana Negara of Spain..

Madrid, at Plaza Mayor..

Plaza de Toros for bullfighting..
Too bad there were some function going on in the bullring..
Public were not allowed to go in..

Day er.. can't remember.. in Madrid..
Wah.. that guy in the picture above banyak lengcai..

The best picture of the whole trip..
Taken outside the Museum of Art looking at the city of Barcelona..

June 07, 2010


Off to Ibiza in less than 33 hours..
Not updating until I am back in Birmingham on the 18th..


-Next in shopping list, iPhone 4-