October 30, 2009

I am bad

I feel bad..

For telling my friend that I have emergency things to do and I can't attend the meeting..

Instead, I watch 'Born Rich' from TVB at home..

October 26, 2009

Finally after one year of considering and waiting..

iPhone 3G S

Tzyy, see that??
Does yours has video recording and compass??
No, it doesn't..

White backside..

That's the whole purpose..

iPhone 3G S + SONY Bluetooth Headset..

at least for me

p/s: Tzyy, do you know what is perfect pair???

*Will be eating porridge and bread for the next 2 months*

October 22, 2009

I miss you..

October 19, 2009

Back to the old one..

Get back to the old watch after failed to get the one that I wanted..

*I know it's a bit dirty..*

October 17, 2009


Went to city today to do some shopping.
After jalan for almost two hours in Bullring, I still have nothing to buy..

'Let's go Primark..'

Went into Primark to look for nice blazer but failed to get any that ngam my taste and also my body shape.. hehe..

I want to get another hand towel for gym..

Jalan-ed to the Primark Home department..

I've got three things from Primark today..
Bedsheet, pillowcases and a hand towel..


Why are they all in purple???
I didn't know that I am interested or like purple until today..


Turned gay???

October 14, 2009

Round Ironman

Wednesday 7/10
1200-1400 -- Tennis

Thursday 8/10

Friday 9/10
1430-1930 -- Tennis, Badminton and Gym

Saturday 10/10

Sunday 11/10
1600-1800 -- Gym
Later on buffet dinner + red wine with Lai and Wing Sheng..

Monday 12/10
Dinner at Nando's..

Tuesday 13/10
1530-1700 -- Gym

Wednesday 14/10
1200-1400 -- Tennis
1800-2000 --Basketball
Dinner Tomyam meehoon + a glass of coke..

I've been working out so much for the past one week.. But I don't think I lose any weight.. Spare tyre still visible.. Siens...

October 08, 2009

3 degree C nia..

ish.. it's just the beginning of October and it's already so cold..
What will it be at the end of the year??? -10, -20, or -40...

October 07, 2009

New item in my wish list

Just got back from a 3hrs tennis session with Kenn Shaun.

See my face tired semacam je..


Organisation and Management module that I am taking this year.

'You'll be divided to a group of five and you have to do SOME research on a company.. A random listed company.. And investigate its organisation and financial structure and prepare a 5 minutes presentation to your colleagues in the next lecture, which is two weeks from now..' The lecturer said..

One week sudah lepas.. Now only I want to start reading some business news on TimesOnline..

Later on diverted to Boeing 747-8 website.. As you can see Times is reporting about airlines.. Not my fault OK..

Wa.. Boeing 747-8 ho liao leh... eh poey jin jia hui..
Wa.. Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner ho liao leh.. pun si eh poey jin jia hui..

Few minutes later..

Ah Kong, can I have a Gulfstream IV?? Datuk Seri Tiong has one leh..
I can bring you go here, there and everywhere.. Nice right??


October 03, 2009

Pesta Kuih Bulan

It's mooncake festival and I was celebrating (erm.. should i say celebrating as it didn't seem like celebrating.. lol..) with Raymond, Gun and Zeneng..

I went over to Raymond's place with 4 cans of Carlberg Export, planning to have some chill moments. I saw Raymond, Zeneng and Gun were taking pictures with the moon when I was approaching their house. Then Raymond was like, 'Hey, here you come.. Come have some tiramisu cake made my Gun..' 'Okok'.. Raymond then straight away fed me with the tiramisu cake (How good if I was fed by my gf IF I have had one..)

We had some chitchat and of course that 4 cans of beer..

Moon from my room..

No mooncake this time.. At least I tried some before coming back to the UK..