February 10, 2009

Sad la..

Don't know what happen to me today, my lecture was at 10am but I started walking to uni at 9.30am. Don't know why so semangat...

Since I was early, I decided to withdraw money from the ATM before my lecture. The ATM is not on my way to my lecture theatre. So I took another route.

After withdrawing money, I continued walking to uni. *jeng jeng jeng* I saw HER walking towards me from far. I knew I would meet up with her because that's the shortest way to her department. I was talking to myself "ho sheh liao this time, she's walking towards me!!!".

What happened next???? SHE CHANGED DIRECTION.. WTF!"£$%^&&£^%%%&$.. She wouldn't change her direction as that's the shortest way to her department... Why did she do that???? Argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

No hope liao la this time. She's avoiding me..

Haigh.. File closed.. Kes tutup..