March 20, 2009

Want some toufu?

It's not easy and relax to survive in E&E course. There are lots and lots of work and assignment to work to completed by the end of the semester.

Done the super long and cheong hei 'A' lab few weeks ago. Then have to work on EE2G2 robot. My group starts to 'grow' our little 5-eye robot up. Feeding it with 5V and 12V electrons. At first, it has only one stupid brain. It can't really think properly. Always think nonsense and doing rubbish.

To overcome this issue, we killed someone to get his brain to put it together with the initial brain of our little robot. Now, it has two brains. It can think even better.

Our little robot grow up day by day but sometimes it stops growing for few days. I am not sure why. May be we didn't pay attention to him. It just hibernate for few days. Later on it starts to walk. We are happy that it made his first step. But this sohai robot is so damn heavy, especially its legs. Its legs are like pork chop. Big and heavy.

We can't do anything. It refuses to walk any further. To make its life easier, we plant a tongkat ali to make it has the omph to walk further and faster. Our robot needs to eat, so does the tongkat ali needs some nutrients. So we order a daily delivery from Jogoya to feed them with better and bigger portion of electrons.

Today, our robot is no longer a little robot anymore. It has transformed to Optimus Prime. It runs fast and his new hobby is to drift down hill at Mount Fuji. We are very impressed with it. 

To register him with Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalanraya, we need to submit its profile. Now, our group is working hard to create his profile as it is anak haram. It has no father and mother. But readers, don't worry, we will sort things out. It will be a legal toufu truck in few days time.

We are handling this issue nice and steady. Watch out when you see Jay Chou in Optimus Prime truck carrying toufu drifting down hill from the top of Genting after you spent your time in Uncle Lim's playground.

Taukeh, want some toufu delivered to your kopitiam?

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  1. oh swt...pork chop legs?!tongkat ali?!how the hell you came up with that..