August 18, 2009

Kissed by angmoh lady..

It's kisah benar and I am not telling lie. LOL..

It was like 2 months after I first arrived in Birmingham. Went to a friend birthday dinner at a pub in Birmingham.

The atmosphere, food and music were good. Even the people there were nice also.

Suddenly, this angmoh lady came near to our combined table and danced near us.. err.. near me.. LOL.. I am not sure she was drunk or high or thinking that I look handsome.. hahaha..

She was close to me and the boobs were like 6-inches away from me.. It's a culture shock to me, is it? hehe..

She then GRAB my head and KISSED me on my CHEEK.

I supposed to be happy but i wasn't. Why?

Because she's old. I think she's between 35 and 40.. STRESS..


  1. geeez. i think u only attracts old women. told u to act younger right? she prolly thought ur the same age like her. wakakka

  2. lol.. at least kissed by angmoh before.. a lot ppl dun even hv that experience.. hah..

  3. hua hua hua.. Poor our tai ko here :P I just couldn't imagine it :P Okey la give him some credit for his charm for older ladies :D hahaha

  4. lol.. i let her kiss for free leh... din even ask money from her.. want me to kiss her back ar.. hahah...

  5. if lenglui then i'll kiss back.. wakakak..