March 12, 2010


Train from Birmingham to London - 1hr 30mins
Train from London to Gatwick Airport - 30mins
Flight from London Gatwick to Zurich Airport - 1hr 50mins
Train + bus from Zurich Airport to Zurich - 40mins
Train from Zurich to Foxtown, Mendrisio and fro - 4hrs one way
Trams around city of Zurich for 2 days - roughly 1hr

Shopping in Foxtown, Mendrisio - 4hrs 30mins
Lunch at Zeughauskellar - 1hr 30mins
Dessert at Sprungli - 30 mins
Sightseeing around Zurich - 1 to 2hrs

Back in UK with the same transport, same duration

Total time spend in the second to last week of semester - 3 days
Objective - to find an answer for a question

Worth? Yes..


  1. Quantify use other unit...
    Maybe even more worth it =)

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