July 03, 2010


Not sure it's on purpose or not, a friend organised a trip to Alton Towers on my birthday..

Part of us at the entrance..

No idea what is the name of the building..

Jeffery insisted to hold my beg sekolah..

While waiting for some rides..

Stress after some rides..
Facebook to release stress.. LOL..

WAH.. macam superstar coming out from the airport..
Paparazzi and reporters around.. RUN..

At night, birthday party at my workplace, Pad Thai..

Gift from my manager, a bottle of Black Label..
Must finish it on my own.. STUNNED..

A sip of directly from the bottle and a sip of lemon water from the jug..

Housemates, Deki Lai and Wing Sheng..

'Siblings', Deki Lai and Kathryn..

'Siblings' and my organiser, Vincent..

'Let me help you a bit.. are you ok?'
'yah yah yah.. i'm STILL ok..'

Look at me, HIGH..

Thanks everyone for coming, drink, drink, drink..

YUM SENG time..

Yummmmmmmm.. yum yum yum....... Senggggggg...

Can't hear anything at all..

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