May 20, 2008

Okok weekend..

Went out with ex last Saturday night.. Planned to go to 'Kei Tak Sek' in KL for dinner, with friends. Before that, we went to Sungei Wang for some window shopping. I saw someone looked like whom I've seen before somewhere, sometime ago. Then I started to think... Who was that??? Oh, ya.. It's Nicole. But I wasn't too sure it's Nicole or not as I did not meet Nicole in real before. So, I didn't go near her. When I got back home, I emailed her to ask for confirmation. Such a stupid things to do right?? haha.. And surprisingly she replied me and said that it was her as she was in Sungei Wang at that time also.. You know that kind of feeling?? the feeling when a fan met a superstar?? LOL..

Going to study abroad soon.. erm.. not really that soon.. still few months to go before I leave Malaysia. Called up a secondary classmate to go to Mid Valley to have a look on winter clothes. Spotted one in Universal Traveller. It's a leather jacket.. Black in colour.. Quite nice. But when it comes to price, it costs RM899.. wtf.. I cant afford that. That's too expensive for me. Didn't spend much time in Universal Traveller as there wasn't much discount available at the moment. Went into Timberland later, saw this brown jacket.. It's not going to be too obvious if I accidentally splash some thing on it. I am not sure it's leather or not. And it's RM599.. hmm... What do you think??

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