November 12, 2008

Noob, Bodoh, Sohai

Came back from uni just now with Maverick. There was a car driven at high speed over a bumper. This noob, bodoh, sohai driver didn't even step on his brake pedal to slow down. Instead, he just drove over the bumper at speed.

Actually this is quite common and happens everywhere but what I want to point out is the spare tyre of the car came off from where it should be. Usually, the spare tyre is designed in such a way that it is placed in the boot. But for this particular low-cost-design car, the spare tyre is placed underneath the boot and tighten with bolts. 

That noob, bodoh, sohai driver realised that there's something wrong with the car and then stopped after 20 metres. He came out of the car look back to his spare tyre and later on got back into his car. He drove away WITHOUT his spare tyre.

WTF.. This guy is just a noob, bodoh and sohai..

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