November 20, 2008

Think before talk

Last time, and still going on nowadays, I talk without going through my brain. 

There was once during my primary, I can't remember what event was that, I was arguing with a girl (lol..not gentlemen.. who cares..), then I came out with something very harsh. I won the fight but she ended up with 'why don't you think before you talk?'

Few months ago when I was working in the summer, I was in a meeting. The main contractor asked when can I proceed with next coming task. Without thinking deeply, I answered ' ok, we'll do it when we are free'. Sounds right but it actually wrong. I wasn't aware of that. It should be 'ok, I'll do it as soon as possible' although you know that you won't make it to the deadline.

That's not the only two incident that involve talking without going through my brain. There are still a lot real life example.

There will be another post talking about this again next time as this kind of things always happen on me.

1 comment:

  1. Wah.. you deeply express what you feel about what you did last time:D