April 12, 2009

Special 'Delivery'..

I am sure many of you have the experience of ordering 'delivery' to your house or workplace or even to computer lab if you are studying Electrical and Electrical Engineering year 2 at University of Birmingham, Edgbaston B15 2TT, West Midlands, UK..

The food is delivered by someone using a motorcycle or the most a van. By the time it reaches the computer lab in Gisbert Kapp building, it has already passes a few traffic lights, a few high speed drift at sharp corners, a number of potholes along Vincent Drive and Prichatt's Road.

This special 'delivery' is carried by someone special from somewhere special through special route to me. This 'delivery' is ordered at a bakery at Jalan Pasar, Ayer Itam, Penang (Besides Kek Lok Si) through air passed the security check at Bayan Lepas International Airport then to Changi Airport. After that, travelled in a MRT to an apartment in Tampines St and stayed there for a few days. 

It then flew to Manchester International Airport passes Strait of Malacca, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, English Channel and checked in to Macdonald Hotel and later board a scheduled train provided by Crosscountry from Manchester Piccadilly to Birmingham New Street in a Muji bag. It was brought hang around Bullring Shopping Complex and New Street. Went into Debenham, H&M, River Island, TopShop, Selfridges and also toilet in Bullring. LOL..

Later on it was carried unstable to Dragon BBQ in Broadway, waiting for it's carrier to fill his stomach with all sorts of meat, sushi, Peking Pork (they hv pork instead of duck), fruits, cake, tap water and also a sip of bitter lemon juice. It then carried to boring Tesco for a while and after roughly one hour, it finally arrived at 35, Underwood Close, B15 2SX, Edgbaston, Birmingham,West Midlands, UK.

Seng Heang Biscuit Tambun

It's 32 biji instead of 40

A box of Tambun Biscuit that brought by a friend from Penang to Singapore
to Birmingham, UK.


Thank you, QH..


  1. Gosh! My favorite tambun pia!

  2. hahahhahaha.. i like this post! *thumbs up!* very informatic. how long did u take for this one? LOL

    anyway ur welcome. thanks for the stay! missing your room and your hard springy bed. *woooooo... cheeeesy* XD

  3. haha.. less than half and hour, i think.. coz i pay attention on all the details!!! can kao tim this entry very fast..

  4. CS: not easy to get tao sa pia when u r abroad leh... i have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner... lol..

  5. yeah...n u gobbled down dunno how many ten's of pieces that day..

  6. Jo, at least i get to eat tao sa pia.. lol..

  7. Can i have some please :P But then I want the special delivery to London :D

  8. hahah... nx trip la.. who ask u dont want to come birmingham.. ffk us.. nx trip she comes, we go london look for u..