April 14, 2009


I don't have to work since small
She's been helping father since small

I went to college
She went to Form 6

I've got bad result in college
She's got good result in Form 6

I continue my study
She has to work to continue study

I spend parent's money happily
She spend her hard earned money happily

I enjoy life days and nights spending money and wasting time
She enjoys life spending time with friends after work

I ask for money when I don't have enough money
She figures out on her own when she has no money

I don't save even a penny
She's saving for future

I don't have to worry about my future
She has to plan things ahead

I don't have to do research on which school to go to
She has to check from A-Z on which school she's planning to go to

I am dependent
She's independent

I am emo..
How I know she's emo or not at the moment!!

But I know she works hard to live...

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