November 19, 2009

Totally lost..

Lost my appetite..
Couldn't finish a set meal of McD breakfast..
Had hi-tea but didn't finish a mug of hot choc..
Had 25% lesser amount of food that I usually have for dinner..
Had few spoons of special fried rice from Msian Delight then threw the rest away..

Lost interest in school work..
Fall asleep in class..
Play with iPhone in lectures..
Lazy to do assignment..

What am I supposed to do now???
Have a good rest then continue work?
Have a good rest then makan kao kao then continue school work?


Do my laundry as I will be going to Uni naked tomorrow if I don't..


  1. What happen to you? maybe a nice rest will do the work...... take care....

  2. Hahah.. Yaya.. Continue working after a good rest...