November 09, 2009


Came back from work last night..
Tired and had sore throat..
Went to neighbour's simple birthday party celebration..
Had steamboat..
Made birthday boy drank almost half a bottle of Black Label..
Was high seeing birthday boy hugging a girl when he chose 'dare' while playing 'truth or dare'..

Came back home..
Ate a muffin bought/made (not sure) by classmate..
Started to realise I am getting sick..
Changed and went to bed..

Woke up this morning..
Sore throat..
Running nose..
Whole body aching..
Felt cold..

Walked to Uni..
Wrapped by Next scarf..
Moving in the 6 degree Celsius breeze..
Felt like fainting half way through to lecture..

Got some warm in the lecture theatre..
Paid full attention at the first 30 minutes..
Started to dream after that..
Checking facebook on iPhone..
Thinking any nice places to go in London..

Lecture ended one hour early..
Walked back home..
Will be skipping all today lectures..

Totally knocked out..


  1. Hey Bro, Don't over work yourself!!

  2. It'll take you a month to recover from all these. So you better go see doctor. :)

  3. Gossip! Who did bday boy hug? :D

    I also sick jor...cough like mad. :( I got some med if you want though.

  4. dun be so kepo tak mou? tell u some other time.. hahaha..

    lol.. i am ok d la.. got some med from lai and drank lots of vitamin c drink

  5. I am ok now.. Thanks mr/ms anonymous.. hehe..

  6. you are welcome....:D