December 14, 2008

Who say police can't drive supercars?

If you see a police in Malaysia drive a good car, fast car or luxury car, you'll say the police earned that from bribery. This is because there is not possible for them to own such expensive car, for instance, Mitsubishi Evo X, which cost about RM300,000. Their salary simply not enough for them to buy one, unless they have grass and air as their food..

So, many people in Malaysia doesn't one to be a police. It's not that they are not patriotic or love their country, it's the income for a GOOD police can only get them a semi-D and a national car.

But now, I think there will be more people applying to police academy. It's simply a police now can drive a Mitsubishi Evo chasing criminals.

Here's the link to The Star newspaper.

Click here.

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