December 31, 2008

It's 1 Pound = RM5.00 and -5 degree today..

Just came back from London few days ago. Wanted to blog about my trip to London but I was so lazy to blog.

Was looking at my desktop..

Look at the Windows Sidebar. It shows it's -5 degree today. This is the first time it's so cold in Birmingham since I arrived at the home of Aston Villa. No wonder I was gasping for air like a cow while walking to the train station from my house.

And, another thing, I am not sure it's a good news or not.. It's 1 Pound = RM5.00. The exchange rate is dropping everyday. I think it might drop to RM4.50 or lower. Let's hope so. I was wondering the exchange rate getting lower and lower is a good thing or not because lower exchange rate makes me spend MORE.. argh.. stress sikit..

1 comment:

  1. Blog about your bloody london. I would go there myself but for now, this is the closest i could get! XP

    Gan I