January 04, 2009

Writing to friends

Was 'baking cake ' when this came across my mind.

People last time writes to their best friends, pen pals. They care about their friends. They want to know how are their friends doing. But, now, we don't write to our friends, either receiving letters from friends. We only receive letter from companies, bills and advertorials.

I realise people has a new way to write to their friends, which writes to all their friends in one go. Tell all friends what are they doing recently, what have they came across recently. It's BLOG.

Leinux Says blogging is writing to all friends at a time, which save paper, stamp and the world. Coz letters need to be delivered by vans, lorries, trains, ships and planes. All these contribute to emission of CO2 and bla bla bla...... *start talking bullshit*

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