January 27, 2009

First time paying full concerntration in class..

I had Electrical Power and Renewable Energy lecture this morning. My lecturer was talking about power supplying for trains, metros and underground tube..

Fuhh.. Usually I couldn't pay full attention in the class and might fell asleep, sometimes. But this morning, I was paying full attention on my lecture for 1 hour.. I did not even talk to M.. but this noob said I was 'picking' the lecturer's balls.. wtf.. arghh.. who cares about this noob..

This is my first time to have top students behaviour even though i am not one of them..

I am impressed of myself.. LOL..


  1. Keep up with the good work!! :D
    New start for a new year!

  2. thanks.. happy new year to u..

  3. hello~~~~
    long time no c o..
    i saw ur comment in my blog..
    thanks ya..
    keep in touch ya..
    i bookmarked ur blog alr..
    will always visit to ur blog..
    all d best..