January 02, 2009

First day in London over Christmas 23.12.2008

Hmm.. This is my second time to London. I went there to spend my christmas with a relative of mine. It's Tuesday when I arrived in London and she's working on that day. I went to her workplace and had lunch with her at a Korean restaurant. After that, I went to visit British Museum which is near to her workplace in Holborn.

Outside British Museum.

Actually there's nothing much that attracted my attention in the museum. In fact, I was thinking of looking for small funny things or what to blog when I am back to Birmingham.

Necklace. I don't think any girl would like this if  her bf gives her this.

These are necklaces as well.

I can't remember these necklace are from which dinasty or kingdom. Anyway, which princess would like to wear this kind of golden necklace. Siao ar. Imagine a princess need to wear one of these for 3 hours during a dinner or ceremony.

Spoons but they look like...er...

'Porn ' in few thousand years ago.

This serving dish looks like those used by special agent to deliver messages via waitress.

Original design of a clock.

Guitar.. Isn't it violin??

I came to this showroom displaying the money system used by the world last time. 

Cash machine.

HSBC note. HSBC last time was so 'keng'.. Have their own money..

That's why some parts of the coins I use have weird designs.

The last thing that caught my attention is this. Can't remember what's the name of this piece of art. It's made in 2008. Not old thing. Still young. Haha..

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