September 11, 2009

I am writing resume..

Was lazing on the bed yesterday morning after being woken up by my ex-housemate.

Then a friend in studying QS in Melbourne started a conversation.

Friend: PS Me: SL

PS: Hey..

SL: Hello..

PS: I confirm going back to Msia next year

SL: Cool.. I listen first..

PS: Don't have to listen first.. it's confirmed..

SL: Why?

PS: I've got my internship in Msia..

SL: Cool.. What company are you working for?

SL: Wa.. It's a very big company leh..

PS: I know..

SL: I have a relative working in DL in London before come back to Msia le.. I went to the office before.. It's so fcking big.. LOL..

PS: I see.. I think you should join ARUP..

SL: Ya.. Was thinking of that also when I was doing 'big business' the other day.. hehe..

PS: Ya..

SL: But how did you apply for DL?

PS: I just simply send them an email together with my resume.. And they just accept me..

SL: Wa.. Cool.. Can you send me your sample resume? I wrote one last time.. And I think it's not in correct format..

PS: Wait..

SL: Okok..

Sending resume.....

SL: Got it.. Thanks.. How long will your internship be?

PS appears to be offline. He/She may not reply your message..

Eh.. Suddenly gone missing.. Nvm.. I've already got what I wanted.. Wakaka..

Ok.. I want to have my own good resume now.. I want to get into good company..

Ok.. Tonight write resume while yumcha at Starbucks after dinner with my ex-housemates..

But I don't have anything to write..


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