September 16, 2009


Eight more days to go back to the UK..


I should start packing by now. But there are things that still unpack in my luggage, which I brought back from the UK 3months plus ago.. LOL..

My grandfather said ' Eh, can start packing d.. Can start buying things that you need when you are in the UK..'

'Oh.. OK.. But I don't now what to pack leh.. Everything is available in the UK.. Can get all the lap cheong, kiam hu, tomyam paste in Birmingham punya Chinatown. I still have 2 bak kut teh herbs with me in the UK.. All my friends also bring bak kut teh herbs.. It's still not my turn yet to use my bak kut teh herbs..' I said

What I really NEED are:
1. TAG Heuer Carrera Automatic Chronograph Tachymetre or TAG Heuer Link Automatic Chronograph
2. LV or Prada wallet
3. Nokia N86 or iPhone 3G S
4. Mont Blanc or Versace perfume
5. Canon or Sony digital camera
6. MacBook Pro
7. GF.. Yes, I desperately NEED one.. LOL..


  1. hope u enjoy ur days before go back UK lo...

  2. haha.. i will.. dun worry..

  3. TAG heuer - CHF 2000 plus... took a picture of it will send it to you when I am free.

  4. #1 havent see both so cant comment.
    #2 LV duh! saw my friend using the damier wallet. very cool.
    #3 Nokia? u'r still in the nokia era?!
    #4 wooo.. din know Mont Blanc has got their own perfume.
    #5 trust me. pls get a Canon. experience counts.
    #6 welcome to the apple family! wakakaka

    Note: #7 can just forget bout it cause it's definitely out of the list. mann.. whut were u thinking when u type that? =p

  5. qh, dun la say out of list.. i need one to help me clean my house and wash my clothes.. and cook for me as well.. hehe...

    btw, i think my grandfather will be very very happy also if i got a gf.. lol..

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  9. walao. u might as well hire a maid and call her gf =.=

    i think that time he will double the amount on the cheque cause u will need to feed one more person. wakakaka