September 23, 2009

3 and a half months

I've been back in Malaysia for more than 3 months. And I am going back to UK tomorrow night at 11.30pm.

I still remember me, Tzyy, EV and Yoyo were talking about Satay Kajang on our flight back from UK..

Yoyo: Fuhyoo.. Satay Kajang... We are coming.. Yooo...

Tzyy: Sedap nyer..

Me: Yaya.. Ev, bring us go eat..

Ev: Can can..

3 months have passed..

I haven't even tried one Satay Kajang..


  1. Oww..I miss haji samuri satay too..go today n eat la..u still have time rite?

  2. satay only available at night le.. i might not hv time to come back if i go for it..

  3. oh...correct also..not reli..4-5 pm they'll be open d..

  4. hm.. dun want la.. i still prefer shopping at duty free shops.. wakaka..