October 03, 2009

Pesta Kuih Bulan

It's mooncake festival and I was celebrating (erm.. should i say celebrating as it didn't seem like celebrating.. lol..) with Raymond, Gun and Zeneng..

I went over to Raymond's place with 4 cans of Carlberg Export, planning to have some chill moments. I saw Raymond, Zeneng and Gun were taking pictures with the moon when I was approaching their house. Then Raymond was like, 'Hey, here you come.. Come have some tiramisu cake made my Gun..' 'Okok'.. Raymond then straight away fed me with the tiramisu cake (How good if I was fed by my gf IF I have had one..)

We had some chitchat and of course that 4 cans of beer..

Moon from my room..

No mooncake this time.. At least I tried some before coming back to the UK..