October 07, 2009

New item in my wish list

Just got back from a 3hrs tennis session with Kenn Shaun.

See my face tired semacam je..


Organisation and Management module that I am taking this year.

'You'll be divided to a group of five and you have to do SOME research on a company.. A random listed company.. And investigate its organisation and financial structure and prepare a 5 minutes presentation to your colleagues in the next lecture, which is two weeks from now..' The lecturer said..

One week sudah lepas.. Now only I want to start reading some business news on TimesOnline..

Later on diverted to Boeing 747-8 website.. As you can see Times is reporting about airlines.. Not my fault OK..

Wa.. Boeing 747-8 ho liao leh... eh poey jin jia hui..
Wa.. Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner ho liao leh.. pun si eh poey jin jia hui..

Few minutes later..

Ah Kong, can I have a Gulfstream IV?? Datuk Seri Tiong has one leh..
I can bring you go here, there and everywhere.. Nice right??


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