July 29, 2009

Cheated?? Buy at the wrong place??

Went to One Utama after dinner with Tzyy, Vinc, Nic, Sim Ee, Zen and Gun the other day. Vinc said want to get some things before his flight to UK on the next day.

'Eh.. I want get a pair of shorts la.. The shorts that I am wearing now like so old d' I said. 'Let's go Zara..'

'Anything lo..' The gang replied.

I straight went inside Zara to look for the kind of shorts that I want. Targeted that pair of shorts the last time I came to One Utama. Went look for my target and then tried it one more time. 'Hmm.. Ngam ngam' While thinking of buying that pair of shorts I found that the button of the shorts has already came off. And that pair is the last pair in the store. And the sales person said it'll take two days to fix the bloody button.. 'What the .............'

'Eh.. Cannot la.. The button already came off.. Need two days to fix it.. I'm going back tomorrow d.. Let's go Padini' I said.

'Anything lo..' The gang replied again.

Ok.. Arrived in Padini. Went in and BROWSE for the kind of shorts that I want. After two minutes, 'Don't have le.. Nevermind la.. Buy next time' I told the gang..

'One Utama got Marks & Spencer.. Can go there check and see..' I told myself.. 'Eh, I go M&S a while.. 5 minutes only.. If got then I buy.. Don't have next time only buy..' I told the gang..

'Anything lo..' The gang replied again.

Went in M&S store like what big boss only.. Walk also got wind blowing.. Go look for the kind of shorts that I want..

'Yes.. Finally got d'..

RM 130
'Aiya.. Don't care la.. Buy only..'

Feel so happy for what I get until I saw this in the internet..

Blue Harbour Chino Shorts

From £5.00

What!!!! 5 Pounds only????
' !@#$%)&(^*^#%@%&)*%@$!$&)*_+R^#$ '



    M&S there is like cheap stuffs..
    here they made it like exp stuffs

  2. Ha ha you really got cheated then ... MUA MUA MUA....

  3. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! sumbody kena conned!

    e extra RM100 can buy loadsa stuff alr! =p

  4. Tzyy: Yala.. M&S Malaysia noob..

    Hau: Sumore got no discount at all.. Harga tetap RM130..

    QH: wasted my 20 pounds.. Can go eat ho liao at Malaysian Delights d...

  5. ya ya. 20 pounds can makan 2 ppl liao. include me that is. hahaha

  6. qh: yalo.. so long time din go there liao.. must go again when i m back to birmingham

  7. haha noob... got conned!!!

    hey in uk u still dare wear shorts ar??

  8. why not.. UK is not cold all the time la.. it's cold most of the time.. hehe..