July 22, 2009

MIA to cool places..

Took bus from Alor Star to Ipoh. The bus stopped at don't know how many places before reaching my destination. The stupid bus made my friends waited for me for almost 3 hours in Ipoh.

Then Tzyy came and picked me up at Ipoh Bus Station and we headed to Cameron Highlands straight away.

Finally arrived in Cameron Highlands. Stayed in Vincent's apartment over there.

This is how his apartment looks like.

This is where we get our big business done.. What business?? Haha..

What are me and my friends looking at???

Oh.. We were looking vegetables farm. But why look only??? Why not go down to the farm and experience some farming??

Oh.. We were hungry.. See all the ingredients were there already but the steamboat was still nowhere to be seen.

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!!! The steamboat is so special...

Makan time..

After our steamboat session, we went to the pasar malam nearby. They have pasar malam in Cameron Highlands everyday. Nothing much there. We headed back to Vincent's apartment for our big business..

*inappropriate to show the picts here.. haha..*

'Eh, hungry eh.. Got anything to eat??'

'Got.. KFC..' 'Aiya.. Don't care la..'

After KFC, we dota a while. Before we even finished one game we found out someone is already K.O.

He is Tzyy..

The next day..

BOH Tea Farm..

Look at that platform...

Try out the tea and cookies made by BOH..

One last picture before going to Genting..

Upon our arrival in Genting, at the entrance of Highlands Hotel.
Vincent phoned someone. 'Hello, Uncle ar.. We now at your doorway d.. okok..'
He parked his car in front of the entrance and then passed the car keys to a car jockey..
I was like 'Wah.. This is going to be cool'

We then walked past through the Club Elite entrance which the doors was opened by a handsome guy then went up to our room at 16th floor.

Entrance of our room..

Eh no.. It's a suite..
Me going crazy after this..

Vincent, what are you trying to do???

Wa.. Headshot me ar??

Went down to First World Plaza for dinner after settle down.

Dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant..

After back, head back to our room for our Big Business again.

Again, it's inappropriate to show the picts here.. hehe..

Had supper with Vincent's dad after our business session..

Me like so stress after rugi in the investment..

Next day, theme park session..

Me high before ride..

First game.. Er.. dunno what it's called..

Second game.. Err.. Dunno what it's called..

Third game.. Flying Coaster.. Which is flying like a superman.. Vincent dropped his N95 while flying.. and the phone is still working after been reassembled.. Nokia will definitely be my next phone..

Forth game.. Space shot.. Nicholas was not dare to ride this.. but we made him 'enjoy' this.. LOL..

Fifth game.. corkscrew roller coaster.. Zen was just barely high enough to ride that.. hehe..

Next.. Indoor roller coaster??? Me again high before ride..

Ok.. Settle down for the ride..

Bumper car.. favourite game since small.. Look at Raymond on the left most before he got fcuked by us..

Trying to attract the crowd while playing in arcade..
Me hit the high score..

Dinner at this Chinese restaurant.. The food almost the same as in Dragon-i..

4D motion master after that..
Me once again high before ride..
And I pening after the ride..

Lastly, Happy 20th Bday, Zen..

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