July 31, 2009

Next, please..

Were looking online for my next perfume as I already kaotim 25% of my latest 50ml DKNY MEN..
Bought it at Birmingham International Airport before coming back from the UK last June.

Already 25% sprayed. Attracted 0% girls.. LOL..

Went to one of the shopping malls in Alor Star today. Looking for new target. Which is my next perfume?? hmm..

1. Burberry Brit For Men (Launched long time ago..)
2. Burberry The Beat (This is for girls.. The sales lady thought I was buying for girl..)
3. Burberry The Beat For Men (This one might be suitable.. Maybe because of the brand??)
4. Calvin Klein Euphoria (Not bad..)
5. Calvin Klein Euphoria intense (Wa.. Almost pening smelling it..)

Or I should just follow what suggested by the facebook quiz..

Dunhill Fresh..

'Gaya, Mutu, Keunggulan'

'Style, Quality, Excellence'


  1. Diesel looks cool too..try that..:)

  2. haha..
    i m using Truth CK Men..
    smells good n long lasting..
    try to check for it la..

  3. Jo: Diesel ar?? Haven't try before.. okok.. I go try next time..

    KC: Is it EDP or EDT?

  4. hahha..EDP n EDT...yeah, Diesel sounds..MAN..:)

  5. sounds MAN or smells lorry.. lol.. joking..

  6. use Ralph Lauren..

    I heard my friend attracted one super hot chick..
    shes is a model!!

    my opinion oni
    u may try... XD

  7. haha.. if this is the case.. my next perfume will be a RL....lol..