January 02, 2010

2nd day of the year..

Went out for dinner with housemates and friends last night. Had great food and conversation with them. Listened to one of them telling her experience doing part time and internship in KLCC. Seems a little too far for me to appear in that place and work in a multinational company. BUT I still think it's achievable. Confident sial..

Later that night followed them to their house. Planned for mahjung session but ended up watching my friends playing PS3. Had a football game but I was noob enough to score an own goal and got 2 yellow cards.

Chit-chatted while watching them playing and then fell asleep on the sofa with don't-know-whose blanket. Woke up around 5am and came back home. Watched drama for a while. Then slept for few hours.

Woken up by my Sorry Sorry- Super Junior alarm tone at 10.30am. Got ready and went to work at Malaysian Delight from 12-8pm. Rested twice during working hours which are lunch and dinner break (lunch break, not lunch hour..) for 10 minutes each. Worse than secondary school recess time.

Finally finished working, knew that few friends studying in uni for their exam on Tuesday, which I don't have. Tapao-ed half a roasted duck for them from my lou-sai.. Talked rubbish with them for a while then came back home.

Did laundry. Hung my Zara jacket nicely in the wardrobe. I am now going to bed. Need to work again tomorrow at the same time.

-Coughing like mad. Me getting sick again. Fcuk-

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