January 09, 2010

Sprained ankle

It's been more than 2 months since I started working part time in Malaysian Delight. It means that I have not been to gym or play any sports that frequent anymore. I only went to gym once since I started working, which is one and a half months ago and yesterday is the second time.

Wing Sheng, my housemate came into my room at 5.45pm,

WingSheng: Later 6pm plus we go gym then 8pm we go play basketball then after that go Selly Oak eat..
Me: Okok..
WingSheng: Now I want to eat instant noodles first, have not eaten anything yet today..
Me: Wa.. So geng.. Diet until like that..

We went to gym, did cycling, running on threadmill and chin-up.. Clearly we've lost our stamina.. Exhausted after 45 minutes..

Then play basketball.. Within 15 minutes, I was running left and right, no one guarded me, running for best position for ball, I fell down, sprained my ankle. My cough is still yet to cure and I now sprained my ankle??? wtf..

Stood up on my own, didn't really care about my ankle, continued playing and went to dinner with Wing Sheng..

-School reopening soon. I have hw to do-

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