January 07, 2010

Something not right..

I know it's unusual and unbelievable. Big big project that I hardly success in doing it.

It happened that something came across my mind and I decided to clean my room. This is the first time it becomes to clean and tidy since I moved in in 2008.

After 2 hours of cleaning and 6 bags of rubbish..

Clean and tidy leh..

A round mirror make it looks like ship watertight door..

Each of them has a story..

-Just woke up.. Eyes not fully opened yet..-


  1. what story izit behind the jeans? different pairs of jeans means different pairs of girl that you cheated??!! way to go!!! make house 35 proud!

  2. anna anna anna~~~~~

  3. Omg. I'm so proud of you. *tear

    Tai kor chai jor! Know how to clean up dy! :D

  4. huh.. dun play play.. it's just the matter i want to clean it up or not..

  5. The problem is you always dowan.

  6. wtf ... how many jeans you have?