January 20, 2010

Strange yet true

I was doing assignment two days ago, from 3pm to 3am..
Was not really concentrate in completing the assignment during the first few hours..
Was fb-ing and youtube-ing..
Looking at people around..
Kepo on what they were actually doing..
Started to kan cheong after dinner time and wanted to finish the assignment before 11pm..
House mates called at 10.30 to ask what time could I finish my assignment..
Wanted to have some chat and light drink..

Roughly 11pm, something came across my mind..
I felt like the things that I was doing at that time were so familiar..
The atmosphere, the assignment that I was rushing..
It lasted for few seconds and I came back to the reality..

Then I realised..
I dreamt about this few months ago..
Dreamt about the atmosphere..
The same kan cheong-ness..
The same computer screen I was looking at..

It was when my year 3 sem 1 just started..
How I could dream about what's going to happen in a few months time beforehand..
This is not the first time..
I had this experience few times for the past 20 years..



  1. this is called deja-vu

  2. u r so scary....
    can u predict when u get a gf? haha

  3. dunno.. din dream about that before.. lol..